Exmouth regeneration: Councillor Andrew Moulding, comedian



BBC iPlayer, Radio Devon this morning, Simon Bates

From 1:05:15

After a fair amount of discussion about the badger set found under the Crazy Golf and some local “vox pop’, Independent EDA Councillor Megan Armstrong can be heard at 1:09:53 followed by Tory Councillor Andrew Moulding at 1:10:28.

By 1:14:30, when Moulding has said nothing whatsoever of interest or use, simply regurgitating old, old, information, Simon Bates feels obliged to cut into Moulding’s waffle (and it IS ultra-top-grade waffle) Moulding says “the water sports park will have open spaces in it” (1:15:28). He doesn’t even understand why what he said was so silly!

When Moulding says they have a developer for the water sports development and also HAVE (not had) a preferred developer for the rest of the site, Moirai Capital Ltd, Bates breaks into laughter. He then says really ruefully: “Well, Adrian I think that’s all we are going to get, don’t you?” to which Adrian (the on-site reporter) says, just as ruefully and with a big sigh “”I know …” at which point they both break into peals of laughter!


Summary: 30 seconds of Independent EDA councillor being totally focused and on point, then roughly 5 minutes of Councillor Moulding saying nothing at all, waffling and being laughed at by two radio presenters!

By Owl’s reckoning that leaves BBC Radio Devon owing Councillor Megan Armstrong 4.5 minutes of air time for right of reply.

Though, to be fair, Moulding said nothing anyone COULD reply to!