Skinner defends loss of seafront business and boarding up derelict sites

” … A number of seafront businesses, including DJ’s Cafe, have been forced to close this year, but it’s now being argued these attractions could have stayed open.

District council officers evicted the Wright family from Jungle Fun, Arnold Palmer Putting Green and Crazy Golf to make way for the proposed seafront regeneration.

The site has been earmarked for demolition to make way for a £4million watersports centre as part of the development.

The Wright family was given a stay of execution on the fun park, which will remain open until the end of August next year.

Large metal grey fences have now gone up around Jungle Fun, Arnold Palmer Putting Green and Crazy Golf.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) has confirmed it would be open to having attractions back on the site next summer, provided all demolition work has been completed.

Phillip Skinner, chairman of the Exmouth Regeneration Board, said: “The site must remain boarded up for safety reasons, at least until surveys have concluded, and clearance and demolition have been completed.

“We will look to open up the site again for the summer, if we are able, and will consider leisure, entertainment, food and drink-type attractions if this is feasible.”

In response to the news, Louise McAllister, of the Save Exmouth Seafront, said: “It is shocking that EDDC is stating that it ‘may open up the site again for summer (2017)’.

“While we would love to see the site back in use, if it was to be reopened, surely the existing successful businesses should never have been forced to close in the first place.

“The actions of EDDC surrounding this closure are so far removed from the best interests of the town that they are beginning to seem like either acts of deliberate cruelty towards the seafront tenants, or an example of the most dreadful project management imaginable.”

2 thoughts on “Skinner defends loss of seafront business and boarding up derelict sites

  1. If Teresa May is serious about the Tories listening to the ordinary people, then she will start by ensuring that councils like EDDC are reformed. This type of Council shout loudly, decry any individuals or groups who have a differing opinion to their own and do not listen to common sense.


  2. See also

    As far as I can see, EDDC are completely out of control here. They are closing businesses when there is no need, moving roads when they have no idea whether the move will be needed. They partnered with Moirai several years ago, but due to their poor financial state (which various groups warned EDDC about at the time) EDDC have now backed away from them and are reopening bidding – yet are continuing to quote Moirai as their partner in order to justify their chaotic position.

    Meanwhile the Exmouth economy and businesses and people’s livelihoods are being destroyed.

    Do the majority of people in Exmouth actually care about their town? The 20% turnout in recent EDDC by-elections suggests not.


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