Exmouth seafront cost increase – fantasy, incompetent, iconic or ironic!

“Calls have been made for the sacking of the ‘owner’ of the Exmouth Seafront Regeneration Project after costs spiralled from £1.5million to more than £3million.

However, East Devon District Council’s (EDDC) cabinet backed the plans with a majority vote, despite heavy criticism from some councillors.


Rob Longhurst (Ind), Ben Ingham (Ind) and Eileen Wragg (LD) spoke against, saying that it was incompetence.

Ian Chubb said it was worth paying and he was happy paying the extra costs. Unclear whether he meant worth paying despite the increases or worth paying despite the incompetence, but nice of him to offer to fund the increased costs personally.

Phil Twiss said they had to proceed because to stop would be to go backwards. Of course only true because they have destroyed existing attractions before getting the plans right and before knowing the real costs – so they can’t go back.

Philip Skinner got his words mixed up when he said the plans were iconic but clearly he meant ironic, and thought it was good for Exmouth because they all like doing watersports.

Tom Wright obviously thought the debate was about football not water-sports because he kept referring to the premier league, and said that Exmouth residents should be grateful for the cost increases.

Honestly, Trump or EDDC Tories – not sure which are the greater fantasists!!”

2 thoughts on “Exmouth seafront cost increase – fantasy, incompetent, iconic or ironic!

  1. Well, it seems that most Conservative Councillors have the view that if it isn’t their personal money then it really doesn’t matter. No normal person would look at a predicted overrun of 100% of a project and casually say it’s not a problem. There would be a big question about why throw good money after bad.

    Well, actually, it is my money. And it’s your money. And we are getting precisely nothing from these proposals except increased debts and increased costs. And there is nothing in the track record of these bodies to say that they are capable of making a profit out of anything.

    When do we call time in the bar of the Last Chance Saloon?


  2. Nothing that this council does amazes me any more. They ran out of money for the Strand Gardens. You would think they might have the decency to resign over their continual mismanagement as they clearly don’t have the capacity to do the job. Please give us our seafront back


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