“Positive and passionate discussions for future regeneration of Queen’s Drive” says EDDC

Somehow, Owl thinks ” the community” might see things somewhat differently to EDDC – and Councillor Skinner’s remark that it “just wants EDDC to get on with it” when the fact that EDDC just getting on with it has been the problem, not the solution.

Not to mention that EDDC “just got on with” appointing Moirai Capital as their preferred bidder – and just see where that led!

This press release seems designed to pre-empt a judicial review on lack of consultation. BUT a press release does not constitute evidence … pudding … proof …

EDDC press release:

“Regular meetings between council and community to discuss improvement plans for Exmouth’s Queen’s Drive will be an ongoing feature of the project

East Devon District Council, local businesses and community organisations of Exmouth came together at The Ocean last week for a lively discussion about Exmouth’s regeneration and, in particular, the vision for its seafront development.

This meeting marked an important opportunity for dialogue and discussion, which will be an ongoing feature of the next phases for the improvement plans for Queen’s Drive.

There were presentations by the council detailing how Exmouth is growing and moving forward, the challenges it faces and the vision for this much-loved seaside town as it evolves into a 21st century destination with attractions for everyone to enjoy.

Council officers set out in as much detail as is currently known the journey and timelines for Queens Drive, emphasising the need to move forward with the reserved matters planning application process and, most importantly, setting out clearly opportunities for public consultation, which will continue to underpin each phase.

Officers also underlined the need to take a measured approach in terms of timescales to ensure that Grenadier, the provider of the watersports centre, secures the necessary planning permissions before the council commits financially to the necessary works to the road and car park.

Councillor Philip Skinner, chairman of the Exmouth Regeneration Board, said: “These discussions demonstrated a shared and very deep affection for the town. Most people there were overwhelmingly optimistic, passionate and positive and the message coming through loud and clear was get on with it!

The reserved matters planning application to extend planning permission will go before the council’s development management committee in the next few months.”