If you value your NHS don’t vote Tory in Seaton, vote Independent East Devon Alliance

Mrs Parr, the Colyton Tory candidate, was a passive presence at recent protests about the closure of beds at Seaton Hospital. On the other hand, EDA candidates Martin Shaw (Seaton and Colyton) and Paul Hayward (Axminster) were then and are now vocal opponents of the plan.

“In her election leaflet, the official Conservative candidate for Seaton and Colyton, Helen Parr, confirms her support for the East Devon Tory policy of accepting ‘bed-less hospitals’. Mrs Parr acknowledges that the decision to close in-patient services at Seaton Hospital is ‘a huge blow for the town and wider area’. But her leaflet adds, ‘Helen will do everything possible to get the best role for Seaton hospital for the future’, and will insist that the CCG are ‘delivering the services they are promising before any beds are closed’. So NOT supporting the Town Council’s fight to STOP the bed closures. You have been warned.

Conservative candidate confirms her support for ‘bed-less’ hospital

One thought on “If you value your NHS don’t vote Tory in Seaton, vote Independent East Devon Alliance

  1. As Claire Wright says, Independent councillors (like Independent MPs) are “free to speak, free to act” and don’t have to make weak mock-protest statements like Conservative candidates do for fear of going against the party line.

    Aside from anything else, politics and democracy needs checks and balances against unfettered power – and having the same party holding power at government, county council and district council levels results in decisions being made without any real criticism or even debate or accountability.

    Independents bring the light of day into what would otherwise be murky politics.


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