Exmouth seafront: EDDC ready to get into bed with Grenadier – more protests

” … The council have now said that they hope to sign an agreement with the watersports centre developer Grenadier, who will reveal their building designs soon, ahead of submitting a formal planning application later this year. …

Now [protesters] are planning to link arms and form a ‘conga cordon’ around the area threatened with the redevelopment to highlight the scale of change that will engulf the seafront on

Saturday 17 June at mid-day

Nick Hookway, the spokesman for Save Exmouth Seafront, said: “The time has come to raise the profile again of the campaign again because the two remaining businesses on Queen’s Drive – the Harbour View Café and the Fun Park – will have to close at the end of the summer period on August 31 at their leases expire. What happens next after that we just don’t know.

“We are concerned that the area will be left empty and there will be an air of dereliction about the whole site. Why should Exmouth residents have to put up with a derelict seafront as a result of this?

“We are still concerned about the overall development and the protests will continue and we want to raise the profile again.”