First impressions of Cranbrook expansion plans

“Jill Ellis said: “This will make traffic chaos from Cranbrook to the A30 a massive problem. There are already so many accidents because of the layout of the junction. This will get much worse.”

Mac McLaren said: “This planned expansion of Cranbrook has been expressed since the inception. It wont end with the 1200 dwellings, but grow massively, with extra `travellers sites` . The current highways structure does not cause RTC`s, its the drivers. Where better could developers chose for the housing that is required?”

Alan Grace said: “Next week, they will be asking where the wildlife has gone – butterflies are suddenly disappearing, and bird numbers dropping. And the other great question, is why the hospitals and roads can’t cope?”

Rachel Perram said: “Oh the glamour keeps on coming. What about the amazing and vibrant high street and community feel promised by EDDC planners when Cranbrook was in the offing?”

Veronica Anstey: “Don’t like, they keep going on about global warming, yet we are allowing our countryside to be destroyed disgusting.”

Gill Hargrove said: “What about all the extra traffic, roads will be grid locked.”