“Who is Alison Hernandez? The ex-cannabis smoker and gangsta rap fan who became police commissioner?”

When your local newspaper runs articles like this, you know that there is a serious problem. It really is time for this incompetent and rather witless person to be replaced.

“Devon and Cornwall Police Commissioner Alison Hernandez has been embroiled in controversy ever since her appointment to the post last year.

She caused consternation yesterday when she said members of the public with guns could form ‘some of our solution’ to terrorism in isolated rural areas.

The post of Police Commissioner is in itself controversial, but current incumbent Ms Hernandez has increased scrutiny of the role after a string of controversies.

She has been the subject of an investigation by the police, admitted to smoking cannabis and has a penchant for gangsta rappers N.W.A – who sang ‘F*** da police’ on their debut album, which launched the careers of Dr Dre and Eazy-E and Ice Cube.

The police investigation into allegations she failed to properly declare expenses was referred to criminal investigators and the CPS.

She was accused of failing to properly declare election expenses when employed as the election agent for Conservative MP Kevin Foster during the 2015 General Election.

However, the CPS decided to take no further action against Ms Hernandez, or former Plymouth Tory MP Oliver Colvile, or Cornwall Conservatives George Eustice and Scott Mann

The Tory police and crime commissioner (PCC) has also revealed she was a one-time “fly girl” and a fan of California rap outfit NWA (Niggaz Wit Attitudes) – who were branded “the world’s most dangerous group”.

The group’s debut album in 1988, Straight Outta Compton, began with the track “F**k tha Police”, a protest against police brutality and racial profiling.

Ms Hernandez, who grew up in Torbay – one of the most deprived areas in the South West – told twitter followers she used to listen to Public Enemy, famous for the track Fight the Power, made famous in the Spike Lee movie Do the Right Thing.

Ms Hernandez also raised eyebrows when she admitted smoking cannabis, but said she doesn’t want to see the drug legalised.

The police and crime commissioner’s statement came in response to questions about legalising the drug.

She also faced fierce critcism for apparently taking selfies at the scene of a devastating fire in Exeter city centre.

Alison Hernandez did not post, the images on social media – but an MP has called for her to apologise.

Exeter Labour MP Ben Bradshaw said: “I’m not sure this is appropriate behaviour for our Police and Crime Commissioner.

And, in April of this year, it was revealed she was considering appointing a deputy – at cost to the taxpayer estimated to be around £50,000.”