Yarcombe Neighbourhood Plan: Inspector unhappy about throttling of new businesses

In this month’s Cabinet agenda papers (page 56) there is a report of changes that its Inspector wishes to see before EDDC accepts it.

This comment caught Owl’s eye:

It is not the role of the planning system to protect existing businesses from the impact of market forces and competition from new entrepreneurs, which would run counter to national policy to support the sustainable growth and expansion of all types of business and enterprise in rural areas. For this reason, I am not satisfied that part ii) of policy CFS2, which requires new proposals not to have a negative impact on existing businesses, has appropriate regard to national policy. Nor would it contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. I therefore propose to modify policy CFS2 to delete ii) of CFS2, paragraph 6.9 and the last part of paragraph 6.8 after ‘our community’. For the reason explained in paragraph 4.9 above, I am modifying the policy to clarify in iii) that any ‘adverse impact’ should not be ‘significant’


It seems that Yarcombe puts the protection of existing businesses over and above the creation of any new ones.

Leader Paul Diviani is the district councillor for Yarcombe and lists amongst other responsibilities:

Blackdown hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) joint advisory committee
SPARSE rural special interest group
Making it Local Action Group (Chairman)

Surely he supports Tory free market policies and will wholeheartedly support the Inspector’s suggested changes.