No deputy for Police and Crime Commissioner

Owl says: now all we need now is no Police and Crime Commissioner Hernandez – her total incompetence coupled with her self-serving attitude to the job should mean that she no longer enjoys the confidence of the Police and Crime Panel.

But, hey, Theresa May is in the same position and she’s still around – though Hernandez doesn’t have £1.5 billion available to buy her way out of the mess she has got herself, and us, into!

Come on Police and Crime Panel – do the right thing and let her go. It’s kinder for us all – particularly the police.

“The Police and Crime Panel has refused to appoint a deputy police and crime commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.

The panel said Mark Kingscote “does not meet minimum requirements of the post”.

No other reasons were given but the decision is a blow to Alison Hernandez, the PCC who proposed Mr Kingscote.”

Source: BBC Devon website

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One thought on “No deputy for Police and Crime Commissioner

  1. Never mind the cronyism issue, if the woman had any sense of public duty she would resign.
    I can think of no better example of her utter incompetence than her recent statement to the effect that using members of the public who are fiream certificate holders, against terrorists might be an idea worth exploring.
    No it won’t- it is a bloody stupid idea that you should have recognised as such.
    I confess that I know a little about firearms- (though I hate them) -having had roles in a previous life, of dealing with certificate applications and renewals, and of issuing firearms to officers performing protection duties. But most people don’t need that background to know that terrorist incidents are inevitably fast moving and complex. Perhaps Hernandez is under the impression that terrorists fight fair and wear uniforms to distinguish themselves from the public? The absolute last thing any (every) officer wants at such an incident is one or more amateurs playing a being cop or special forces- they would complicate the matter by a factor I can only guess at. It would without a shadow of doubt make a bad situation a very,very, very bad one. This is but one example of the sheer stupidity of her idea but hopefully serves to demonstrate her ineptitude. Hernandez is supposed to know a little about policing- but clearly doesn’t, and worse, she lacks simple common sense. (Dope can do that to you)
    Far from protecting the public, this woman makes all of us in Devon and Cornwall less safe in our beds.


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