Full audio and video of Police and Crime Panel meeting that refused Hernandez deputy

The full audio and video of the webcast where Hernandez is told that they don’t want her deputy is here but – unfortunately they can inly RECOMMEND that she does not appoint her pal but there is NOTHING they can do to stop her doing so:


A few highlights with approximate timings (have to refer to some councillors by first names as this is what is used in video and labels not readable)

First – awful chairing! Meandering and did not keep councillors to agenda – at the middle point two rural councillors used the opportunity to talk about their wishes for rural policing, which had nothing at all to do with the agenda item – some 10 minutes wasted there with no intervention from chair.

Second: At around 46 minutes, the panel went into closed session and 10 minutes later reconvened to say they were not recommending her pal’s appointment and would send a letter to her on the next working day explaining why. This is totally undemocratic and non-transparent and to be deplored. She and they will almost certainly hide behind “personal information” not to reveal the contents of the letter.

Other highlights:

Hernandez wants a deputy because other areas, particularly Dorset has one and she needs to be at Westminster a lot.
9 min 50

Kingscote’s personal speech was embarrassing – any junior PR person could have written it and he stumbled over many parts of it. Hernandez takes good care of him, pouring him water and being very solicitous of him. Used the word “passion” an awful lot!

Tom Wright (East Devon) brings up am embarrassing tweet that Kingscote is said to have made on Twitter which, according to Express and Echo report, was about lesbians. Kingscote says it was wrong, apologises and says he will use “appropriate grammar” in future.
14mins approx

Cornwall councillor Chris ?Batters finally deals with the elephant in the room: says the appointment smacks of nepotism – power concentrated in one small corner of Torbay. Says Hernandez is there to “sell” Kingscote to them. Commissioner responds that they are not related, taking the word ‘nepotism’ literally.

Hernandez says she considered 2 other people, both councillors, one Tory, one Lib Dem but Kingscote was best.
Approx 38 min 20

After the break for private session, Croad (Chairman) says panel does not accept he is qualified for the job.

Next move: Hernandez – over to you – accept PCP recommendation or employ your pal.

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