The Police and Crime Panel and that tweet …

During his speech to the Police and Crime Panel, Mark Kingscote – nominated by his pal Alison Hernandez for the post as her deputy – assured councillors he would be a neutral force for good if given the job and would be fair and inclusive. The full broadcast of the meeting is here:

Councillor Tom Wright then alluded to a tweet by Mr Kingscote – which he said was about lesbians – and which Mr Wright apparently found offensive. Mr Kingscote said the tweet had been a mistake and he apologised for it, saying he would use different grammar in future.

Owl was intrigued by the comments of both Mr Wright and Mr Kingscote and did some searching. The offending tweet would appear to be in the middle of this interesting archive of (some of?/all of?) Mr Kingscote’s tweets which can be found here (in the pubic domain):

Should this webpage not be available in future, Owl has made a copy of it.

It is heartening to see that in his earliest tweet, Mr Kingscote praises his close council colleague Ms Hernandez for her nursing skills – an otherwise unknown attribute of our Police and Crime Commissioner.

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