Exmouth resident disputes terms of Fun Park closure

From a comment from Save Exmouth Seafront – these are views and claims that Owl cannot verify but which do come from a usually reliable source:

“Recently we reported that last minute efforts to keep the popular Fun Park trading beyond 31st August sadly collapsed late afternoon on the final day.

We understand from a very reliable source that an officer of EDDC council said during discussions that the Fun Park was not being granted a licence to remain open to the public and trade because the tenant did not ask for this type of licence.

However it emerges that the tenant did in fact request an extension of his lease explicitly referring to trading after August 31st. This explicit request was in an email sent a week before the closure – to that same EDDC officer.

This information is verifiable. It is shocking to contemplate that an EDDC officer would or could behave in this way.

It reveals what appears to be underhanded tactics in dealing with the closure of the Fun Park. Many Exmouth residents have said they believe the tenant and the Fun Park have been treated unfairly by EDDC. Many have expressed the opinion that he has been victimised because he challenged EDDC through the Courts.

On the surface it’s made to appear publicly everything is being carried out in a systematic and business like way. Behind the scenes, however, it looks like there is no intention of allowing the tenant a decent chance to keep the Fun Park open at this time. Nor is there any intention of giving any credence to the views and wishes of residents and visitors who value and want the amenities of the Fun Park to remain longer.

So, District Councillors – including those of you who also sit on the Town Council, it is time you read, and answer, the emails being sent to you about the closure of the Fun Park. It is time to have a close look on the Facebook pages where Exmouth residents and visitors are expressing their views and their frustration at not being listened to by you. It is time for you to demonstrate that you understand you were elected to serve, not to dictate, what the community wants. The voters in Exmouth for the most part do not have a very high opinion of you at this time. You were elected once but there is a ground swell of dissatisfaction with your performance. Exmouth voters are finding their voice.

It is also time, District Councillors, to question EDDC officers more closely and to expect to be given the evidence backing up their plans and statements. It is also time to stop accepting at face value what you are told in reports and to proactively support what your electorate wants in Exmouth.”