“Fears of Exeter housing crisis as figures reveal population growth outstripping new homes”

And what starts in Exeter ripples immediately to East Devon – where the western side is now just another “Greater Exeter” suburb.

“Exeter would need to build houses more than twice as fast if it wanted to keep up with population growth.

The number of homes being built in the area actually dropped last year, the latest figures show – and housing is growing at a far slower
rate than the booming population.

… Government data reveals 450 homes were built in Exeter in 2016-17 – down from 651 the year before – bringing the total number of houses and flats to around 53,930.

That works out as a growth in Exeter housing of 0.84 per cent in the last year.

In comparison, the population of the area grew by nearly 2,500 people between mid-2015 and mid-2016 – the latest data available.

It means only one new home is being built for every six extra people in the area.

Population growth in Exeter is fuelled by both ‘natural’ factors – more births than deaths – as well as immigration from other parts of
the UK and abroad.

Thanks to this there are now nearly 130,000 people living in Exeter – a growth of 1.96 per cent in a single year.

It means the population in the area is growing more than twice as fast as homes are being built – one of the worst discrepancies seen in the
whole of England.

Across the country, rates of house building have actually overtaken total population growth in the last year, with the number of homes in
England increasing by more than 217,000 in 2016-17.

That brings the total number of dwellings in the country to around 24 million – up by 0.92 per cent on the year before. …”