Local Enterprise Partnerships: The buck should stop at Devon and Somerset County councils

As it stands, those councils could not even veto or scrutinise a 26% salary increase which went through on the nod by the LEP this year! So, don’t hold your breath (especially as many councillors have close affinities with many other LEP board members).

Be thankful for small mercies that the scrutiny is at county level where there is a better representation of parties. Though, of course, the scrutiny can only be as good and as fair as its chairman, as we have found to our cost with DCC Health Scrutiny Committee!

“In light of our concerns regarding public oversight of LEPs, we call on the Government to make clear how these organisations are to have democratic, and publicly visible, oversight.

We recommend that upper tier councils, and combined authorities where appropriate, should be able to monitor the performance and effectiveness of LEPs through their scrutiny committees. In line with other public bodies, scrutiny committees should be able to require LEPs to provide information and attend committee meetings as required.”