“Concerns raised over plan for Exmouth seafront temporary car park”

Owl says: This is what happens when you run a council as a business and not as a public service.

“East Devon District Council (EDDC) is seeking to create 13 spaces on land behind the rowing club, in Queen’s Drive.

The plot, owned by the authority, has previously been used by Exmouth RNLI for storage.

Tony Crowhurst, vice-chairman of Exmouth Rowing Club, has questioned the financial viability of the car park, adding: “There is a lot of work that needs to be done to create a safe car parking space which I don’t think they will recoup.

“The fact that they are going to be using the duck pond for events – we’re going to have a double whammy of people parking to use that area and those parking behind us.”

Mr Crowhurst also questioned the impact the plan will have on the club’s ability to transport their boats across the road to the beach.

He said: “We’re a local club and have got around 80-odd members. We do a lot of things in the community but this will make our ability to transport boats across the sea even harder.

“Already, people will park in front on the club and go dog walking for one or two hours and we can’t get our boats out.

“I would say at least once a week we’re in a situation where we have to ask people to move their cars from the front of our gates.”

An EDDC spokesman said it is aware of the rowing club’s concerns and believes they can be resolved.

Exmouth Town Council’s planning committee is set to discuss the application on Monday (April 30).

EDDC’s cabinet is due to decide whether or not the proposed facility should be included on the authority’s parking places order.

According to agenda papers for the meeting to be held on Wednesday, May 2, at Knowle, Sidmouth, officers are recommending that councillors approve this.

EDDC say they have sought cabinet approval prior to planning permission as they intend to have the car park operational by this summer.

A spokesman for EDDC said: “We are hoping to be able to offer the car park for public use this summer so we are running both of these processes in parallel to save time.”

EDDC planners will make the final decision on the application.”


3 thoughts on ““Concerns raised over plan for Exmouth seafront temporary car park”

  1. Comment from Tim reposted as added to wrong post in error:

    I think the entrance to this proposed car park makes the whole thing a very serious safety issue and have objected on such grounds. It really is in an inappropriate spot and will likely lead to cars cutting across the adjacent zig zag lines of the pedestrian crossing, the hatched pavement area directly infront of the Old Lifeboat Station . The road istelf is in part only about 13 feet wide so traffic will be stopping and starting, and reversing, and in all probability to find that there is not one of the 13 provided spaces available. They are going to be so calm trying to get out! One of the busiest pedestrian areas of the seafront. A potentially lethal mix!
    I’ve suggested that they lease it to the Ocean (for staff use only) who have no parking spaces (how did that happen?) and see some of the money that flows from EDDC to LED come back. To do so would remove the potential for danger caused by a high volume of public trying to access, and need liitle infrastructure costs (as opposed to spending a fortune on resurfacing, machines, enforecement and collection etc)


    • Tim – perhaps you should read the report to the Eddc cabinet meeting due on 2 May, 2018 – I have posted a link in a comment on the SES FB page – it may alleviate some of your criticism (but add grounds for others )!


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