New EDDC Leader a ‘solution finder’ says another obsequious Tory Councillor

Owl says: Ah, Mark Williamson – how little you understand about your own council! What it REALLY needs is a leader who makes sure the problems don’t occur in the first place! Not one who has to get into the deep holes that have already been dug for him by his own party!

“East Devon District Council’s new leader has been described as a “solution finder” by a fellow councillor.

Councillor Ian Thomas was unanimously elected to become the new leader of the council at the annual council meeting last night.

The Conservative, who has represented Trinity Ward since 2009 and is a director of the Exeter Science Park Company, replaces Councillor Paul Diviani, who announced that he would be stepping down from his post earlier this year.

We all know that the next ten years will be the most difficult and challenging for local government, and we need someone with financial acumen and creativity to lead us, and in his business career, he has demonstrated that each day. He is a solution finder, and that is exactly what we need now and for the forthcoming year.”
Councillor Mark Williamson”