EDDC flogging off the Ocean Centre Exmouth – well, it might cover a bit of the new HQ bill!

“According to agent Vickery Holman Property Consultants, Ocean Blue, in The Esplanade, is on the market for £2,700,000.

The facility, which opened its doors for the first time in 2012, has 12-lane 10-pin bowling, a gaming area and the Ocean Bar and Grill, with a seating capacity of 100 on the first floor and a large children’s soft play area and café for 22 children.

On the second floor, there is a function suite, bar and two outside terraces which has become a popular wedding venue with a capacity for 350 people.

The complete site is subject to a 125-year lease with East Devon District Council and was sublet to LED Leisure Ltd for 25 years in 2015.

The Journal understands this agreement will not be affected by the sale of the site.”


6 thoughts on “EDDC flogging off the Ocean Centre Exmouth – well, it might cover a bit of the new HQ bill!

  1. Having visited the Ocean building a few times, it appears to lack an entrepreneur with creative flair to make it a going concern, to attract more footfall. The aspect is stunning and the building is well maintained. The restaurant menu puts people off and it just seems a bit disfunctional in my view. The bowling makes it a noisy venue which detracts from a cosy meeting place or family eatery. The two just don’t sit well together. Upstairs is great for functions, weddings etc. It just lacks identity and the ‘customer profile’ needs rethinking as well as the services provided, in order to help it flourish. It’s as if a meeting took place with many different views and it translated into a lack lustre venture but with so much potential. It needs a new manager…


    • Whenever the new EDDC HQ building is mentioned, my blood boils. This wretched Council have been so arrogant in pushing forward with this new building to house their ADMIN staff at an enormous cost to us tax payers. I understand they have borrowed millions on our behalf, millions that WE will be paying back over the next ???? years. Absolute disgrace as there probably will no longer be an EDDC in the very near future. What an arrogant and selfish decision in order to move ADMIN staff from a totally adequate building in Sidmouth to an Industrial Estate in Honiton ?? Such a cock-up by this so out of touch Conservative led council. All those Council workers will no longer be spending their hard earned pennies in the local shops of Sidmouth. Shops who are currently struggling to remain in the town and our ridiculous EDDC take this unbelievable decision to move them out of the Town . Our hospitals are struggling, our Towns are struggling, more and more folks forced to live on our streets, dramatic increase in families now reliant on food banks, reduced social services, struggling schools etc etc etc. Never mind everyone EDDC’s Conservative led Council have a nice new home for their Administrative Staff. That must make you all feel so much better. NOT!


  2. I am not sure that EDDC own this property. It is not on their register of non-residential assets.


  3. I am sure that another possible interpretation could not possibly be to ensure that there is no public ownership of land and buildings. Such a plan would ensure that public authorities have to lease all these things from private (profit making) industries. An extension of PFI with all the problems of cost, quality and service delivery permanently locked into the system. Surely it can’t be the intention of this government to destroy public services in favour of private industry (except when private industry cannot see how to make a profit).


  4. This Council are a disgrace and should be hanging their heads in shame. Multi millions that they DONT HAVE on an admin building when everything around them is struggling. Something really needs to urgently change. They appear to be working for themselves and not for those of us who pay their salaries and should be having a far greater say in how our monies are spent. Sick of it !


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