Exmouth Jounal neglects to name party (Conservative) of naughty Deputy Mayor of Exeter Bruce de Saram

Look below and see if you can spot which party naughty councillor Bruce de Saram belongs to!  Hint: he isn’t Labour, Lib Dem, Green or Independent!

“The [Tory] deputy mayor of Exmouth has apologised for a ‘regrettable’ decision to illegally park in a disabled bay.

Councillor Bruce de Saram [Tory] apologised after his car was spotted parked in the disabled bay at the town hall car park.

Pictures show the Littleham [Tory] councillor’s car with a ‘deputy mayor on duty’ sign in the window taken on Thursday, March 7, this year.

Cllr de Saram [Tory] told The Journal he parked in the bay as he was attending a meeting at the town hall and received a fine on his return to his vehicle.

He said the fine was paid ‘promptly’ out of his own income and has treated the incident as a learning experience.

“I regret any inconvenience I caused by parking there and this is a learning experience for me,” he said.

Disabled bays in the UK are reserved for official ‘blue badge’ carriers and it is illegal to park in one without a permit.”


2 thoughts on “Exmouth Jounal neglects to name party (Conservative) of naughty Deputy Mayor of Exeter Bruce de Saram

  1. None more entitled than those with an over inflated sense of importance. I cannot understand why any decent person would want to join or vote for this party. Not saying that others are perfect just that this one plumbs far greater depths in terms of self serving and mates serving behavior at the expense of the rest of us.


  2. It used to happen all the time at the old EDDC HQ at Knowledge with his colleagues taking the two blue badge bays by the entrance thus leaving any entitled driver a struggle of a walk up steep steps and a hill. Reception said they were always doing so.


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