Does Seaton Tory hopeful support far right agenda?

More on the Hermione Grainger-like Tory hopeful Jacquie Russell:

Interesting to see her “likes” on her social media page:

On the one hand, nice to see she “likes” Independent DCC Councillor Martin Shaw (his county council seat her next target perhaps!) but, on the other hand, very worrying that she also “likes” far-right BNP splinter group “British Voice” whose background is detailed here:

and in its beginnings here:

“A far-right British National Party splinter group are expected to hold their autumn conference in St Helens tomorrow.

A letter seen by the ECHO suggests British Voice, whose chairman Mike Whitby is a former BNP candidate for Liverpool mayor, will meet at a secret location in the town.

Michael Whitby was found guilty of racially abusing a Birkenhead traffic warden in 2013, less than a year after standing for Liverpool mayor for the BNP. …”

A (French) toast to absent (Tory political) friends … the tale of Budleigh Salterton sur Mere!

Another correspondent remembers old times …

Owl has recently featured a number of stories of Conservative Candidates standing in local elections when they appear to be spending time in places far removed from their constituencies, such as Cambridge and West Sussex.

One of Owl’s not so myopic Moles has a sense of déjà vu.

Moley recalls that in 2010 Budleigh Salterton, for a year, became a French Commune. This was when Malcolm Florey, Conservative District Councillor for the Town, retired to live in France and continue his reign of governance from there.

As was explained in an article in The Journal:

“Cllr Florey said his move to France had not affected his work championing the town and district.
“The ward member hit back at Budleigh Salterton Town Council’s recent claims he was failing to sufficiently serve the town.
“He said email and telephone allowed him to keep his finger on the pulse as far as Budleigh and the ward was concerned.
“Cllr Florey rubbished claims his constituents had been let down by his decision to relocate from the UK to France…..
“Cllr Florey said his decision to remain a ward member while living in another country was one of responsibility to the people who elected him.
“He said stepping down as ward member had been an option – a move he had decided not to take so close to an election…..
“I could resign and let the people of the ward down, but I am still doing things that are benefitting the community.”

Malcolm was a protégé of Cllr Ray Franklin and it was Ray who took on the role of voicing, within the Knowle: “ses réflexions au sujet des affaires locales britanniques”

Both Cllrs Franklin and Florey had a track record of paying more attention to the voices they heard in their heads from the “silent Majority” than from electors or the Town Council.

The story does not end well for the Party of Strong and Stable Government. In the subsequent elections in 2011 the dummy withdrew and the ventriloquist was de-selected.”

Former Remainer MP disses Remainer opponent – accuses her of ‘political games’

So, who is playing political games here – Swire who switched from Remain to Brexit or Claire Wright who has been a ‘strong and stable’ Remainer!

(And Owl does hope she will get a right of reply during this local election period)

What happens when what’s good for your community isn’t necessarily good for your businesses?

Info from correspondents coming thick and fast in this last couple of weeks before voting – here’s one from Woodbury and Lympstone (NOT Lympstone and Woodbury, as it appears on Tory party leaflets!).

“Interesting to read the glossy brochure submitted by the 2 young “Tory Hopefuls” standing against the hard-working Independent Councillors in the Woodbury and Lympstone Ward. Shame they don’t get the ward title right as they seem to think its Lympstone and Woodbury!

Cheryl Mcgauley the present chair of Woodbury Parish Council has joined up with William Carter to challenge for the 2 seats available in the ward.
Cheryl needs no introduction to most of the ward electors as she has chaired the Parish Council in Woodbury for the last 4 years.

William is less known, but his family are well-known in East Devon! His father Rowen Carter runs the family business that includes Exmouth Docks, and Greendale Business Park. His uncle and aunt Robin Carter and Zoe House run Ladram Bay Holiday Park, and his brother Matt runs Greendale Farm shop.
In their leaflet Will says he is eager to represent the electorate and make a positive impact locally.

However, judging by the family’s history of development at Exmouth docks, Woodbury Park Golf Club, before selling on, and the continuing issues at Ladram Bay and Greendale Business Park most local people would say the family have already made an impression!

The whole idea of representing constituents is you need to voice the electorates’ concerns. How can that be done, when they are required to declare an interest and leave the debate on matters that concern the many issues relating to these local businesses?

According to the brochure Will and Cheryl love their ward which they say is a great place to live and work.

They believe there is a need to achieve a balance between the environment (in particular, places like the Exe estuary and Woodbury Common) and promoting sustainable development, affordable housing, and employment opportunities.

Many residents would argue that with more work places than there are working people living in the ward already, with Greendale and Woodbury Business parks alone, providing 1700 jobs, the balance if anything is too far leaning the wrong way!

The brochure reports that Conservative led East Devon delivers. However, it doesn’t mention the massive debt the new Honiton headquarters has cost (£16M) , nor next years “black hole” of a £1M in the Council’s Budget. Nor the £70M shortfall in infrastructure requirements over the next 12 years!!

The brochure makes many bland promises, which, if the new administration dared to follow, will lead the Council to more spending, but the brochure also promises to remain a “low tax council”

Where is the money coming from to cover our existing black holes never mind these new extravagant promises!”

The Hermione Grainger of local politics – able to be in two places at the same time!

Phil Twiss (who is NOT the East Devon Tories Whip but is a Tory agent has sent this to Owl.

Just one thing Phil – if she’s been so busy in the Axe Valley, how has she managed to do so much in West Sussex! On parish and district council there and many committees.

Do we have a Hermione Grainger here – able to be in two places at once?

“Well done Owl; you have excelled yourself in getting at least half of the story correct.

I am happy to confirm that Jacquie Russell, a Conservative candidate in the forthcoming East Devon District Council elections on the 2nd of May (with fellow Conservative Marcus Hartnell) has lived in East Devon since 2017, where she is a Governor of the Axe Valley Academy, attended by one of her children. Admittedly not a born and bred local, but in that respect no different to EDA candidates including former Labour Party PPC Martin Shaw, Paul Arnott, Paul Hayward, Cathy Gardner etc………………………………..

More details are of course available on her Election leaflets that is going to all electors in the Seaton ward.

Promoted by Phillip Twiss on behalf of Jacquie Russell both of PO Box 57, Colyton, Devon, EX12 9AP”