Does Seaton Tory hopeful support far right agenda?

More on the Hermione Grainger-like Tory hopeful Jacquie Russell:

Interesting to see her “likes” on her social media page:

On the one hand, nice to see she “likes” Independent DCC Councillor Martin Shaw (his county council seat her next target perhaps!) but, on the other hand, very worrying that she also “likes” far-right BNP splinter group “British Voice” whose background is detailed here:

and in its beginnings here:

“A far-right British National Party splinter group are expected to hold their autumn conference in St Helens tomorrow.

A letter seen by the ECHO suggests British Voice, whose chairman Mike Whitby is a former BNP candidate for Liverpool mayor, will meet at a secret location in the town.

Michael Whitby was found guilty of racially abusing a Birkenhead traffic warden in 2013, less than a year after standing for Liverpool mayor for the BNP. …”