All three seats fall to Independents in Ottery St Mary – Paul Carter loses seat

Vicky Johns (Independent) – 1501 ELECTED
Margaret Anne Piper (Conservative) – 245
Geoff Pratt (Independent) – 1044 ELECTED
Harv Sethi (Independent) – 422
Paul Richard Carter (Conservative) – 477
Anne Edwards (Conservative) – 428
Peter Hamilton Faithfull (Independent) – 878 ELECTED
Luke Gray (Labour) – 381

Archant leads Owl’s results awards!

Early on, Devonlive was quickest with results but presentation is clunky, Archant came second – too many photographs to scroll through before reaching results, EDDC third – their official result often trailing the other two.

Not to mention EDDC publishing the wrong result in Seaton (but Owl just did!).

However, Archant cleaned up their page a bit (though called JOHN Loudon David at one point); Devonlive needs far too many clicks to get to badly presented results, EDDC … well, it’s EDDC isn’t it! Where else would a district council count still be going on at 5 pm in two locations…

Well done, Archant – not something Owl says a lot …

Sidmouth Rural and Feniton – Indies Rule!

Sidmouth Rural (one seat)
David Barratt (Independent) – 258
Ray Davison (Labour) – 27
John Loudoun (East Devon Alliance) – 375 ELECTED
Lewis Ragbourn (Liberal Democrats) – 42
Chris Wale (Conservative) – 18

Susie Bond (Independent) – 638 ELECTED
Adam Michael Powell (Labour) – 37
John Tristam (Conservative) – 97
6 spoilt

Exmouth Brixington results now in – Lib Dems missed seat by 4 votes

And ONE vote between elected Conservative and unelected Conservative!

Exmouth Brixington (three seats)
Aurora Bailey (Liberal Democrats) – 627
Fred Caygill (Conservative) – 633 ELECTED
Maddy Chapman (Conservative) – 662 ELECTED
Andrew Colman (Liberal Democrats) – 652 ELECTED
Dilys Hadley (Labour) – 381
Cherry Nicholas (Conservative) – 632
Oh so close – shame on voters of all parties who didn’t show up.

Exmouth Halsdon – 2 Independents and a Green! Jill Elson out!

40 years a Tory councillor – Jill Elson comes a trailing 4th out of 8 and is not elected!

What a comment on Tories in Exmouth!

Exmouth Halsdon (three seats)
Megan Armstrong (Independent) – 1,293 ELECTED
Jill Marion Elson (Conservative) – 475
Tony Hill (Conservative) – 380
Paul Millar (Independent) – 1,140 ELECTED
Pauline Stott (Conservative) – 447
Andrew Toye (Liberal Democrats) – 289
Brian Toye (Liberal Democrats) – 260
Tony Woodward (Green Party) – 647 ELECTED