The Independent future …

Owl has had a little nap and now reflects on the day.

Momentous, transformative, unprecedented – just a few words being bandied about this evening.  And just a bit scary too.

It is going to be a real step-change – not just for independents, Greens and Lib Dems, but for senior and junior officers at EDDC too. 

For many years senior officers and Cabinet have been in cosy (some might say too cosy) relationships with just a few favoured councillors – all-seeing the world pretty much the same way.  Cabinet closed off to backbench councillors, senior officers closed off to junior officers and ‘other ranks’.

Well, that world has changed.

Will the ‘Sir Humphreys’ be able to change, or will they resist change and attempt to grind down the ‘Jim Hackers’?

Officers are supposed to be neutral – giving advice where wanted and needed, but allowing the ship to be steered by the captain of the day to destinations of their choice.

Owl hopes that officers and now new ruling-group councillors can work together to make EDDC the council people have voted for it to be – independent, transparent, accountable to the voters who expect nothing less.

Good luck councillors and officers – you will need it.

FINAL RESULT Sidford Sidmouth – East Devon Alliance 2, Conservative 1

Sidmouth Sidford (three seats)
Stuart Hughes (Conservative) – 1,089 ELECTED
Dawn Manley (East Devon Alliance) – 1,303 ELECTED
Zachary Marsh (Conservative) – 721
Colin Mills (Labour) – 381
Marrianne Rixson (East Devon Alliance) – 1,326 ELECTED
Jenny Ware (Conservative) – 757
Ken Warren (UKIP) – 369

Budleigh and Raleigh – 2 Tory 1 Independent

Budleigh and Raleigh (three seats)
Alan Dent (Conservative) – 1,112 ELECTED
Pete Duke (Green Party) – 971
Brigitte Graham (UKIP) – 518
Patsy Hayman (Conservative) – 982
Paul Jarvis (Independent) – 1,187 ELECTED
Penny Lewis (Liberal Democrats) – 907
Thomas Wright (Conservative) – 999 ELECTED

Broadclyst result – 1 Tory (not Diviani) and 2 Lib Dem

Rebecca-Jayne Lipscombe (Liberal Democrats) – 397
Rob Longhurst (Conservative) – 345
Chris Pepper (Conservative) – 506 ELECTED
Eleanor Rylance (Liberal Democrats) – 555 ELECTED
Sarah Louise Chamberlain (Liberal Democrats) – 612 ELECTED
Paul Diviani (Conservative) – 319
Henry Frederick Gent (Green) – 426

Sidmouth Town – wins for EDA’s Gardner and Bickley

Sidmouth Town (two seats)
Denise Bickley (East Devon Alliance) – 922 ELECTED
Nicholas Diprose (Labour) – 127
Cathy Gardner (East Devon Alliance) – 971 ELECTED
Sheila Kerridge (Conservative) – 549
Timothy Venner (Conservative) – 409

All three seats fall to Independents in Ottery St Mary – Paul Carter loses seat

Vicky Johns (Independent) – 1501 ELECTED
Margaret Anne Piper (Conservative) – 245
Geoff Pratt (Independent) – 1044 ELECTED
Harv Sethi (Independent) – 422
Paul Richard Carter (Conservative) – 477
Anne Edwards (Conservative) – 428
Peter Hamilton Faithfull (Independent) – 878 ELECTED
Luke Gray (Labour) – 381

Archant leads Owl’s results awards!

Early on, Devonlive was quickest with results but presentation is clunky, Archant came second – too many photographs to scroll through before reaching results, EDDC third – their official result often trailing the other two.

Not to mention EDDC publishing the wrong result in Seaton (but Owl just did!).

However, Archant cleaned up their page a bit (though called JOHN Loudon David at one point); Devonlive needs far too many clicks to get to badly presented results, EDDC … well, it’s EDDC isn’t it! Where else would a district council count still be going on at 5 pm in two locations…

Well done, Archant – not something Owl says a lot …

Sidmouth Rural and Feniton – Indies Rule!

Sidmouth Rural (one seat)
David Barratt (Independent) – 258
Ray Davison (Labour) – 27
John Loudoun (East Devon Alliance) – 375 ELECTED
Lewis Ragbourn (Liberal Democrats) – 42
Chris Wale (Conservative) – 18

Susie Bond (Independent) – 638 ELECTED
Adam Michael Powell (Labour) – 37
John Tristam (Conservative) – 97
6 spoilt

Exmouth Brixington results now in – Lib Dems missed seat by 4 votes

And ONE vote between elected Conservative and unelected Conservative!

Exmouth Brixington (three seats)
Aurora Bailey (Liberal Democrats) – 627
Fred Caygill (Conservative) – 633 ELECTED
Maddy Chapman (Conservative) – 662 ELECTED
Andrew Colman (Liberal Democrats) – 652 ELECTED
Dilys Hadley (Labour) – 381
Cherry Nicholas (Conservative) – 632
Oh so close – shame on voters of all parties who didn’t show up.

Exmouth Halsdon – 2 Independents and a Green! Jill Elson out!

40 years a Tory councillor – Jill Elson comes a trailing 4th out of 8 and is not elected!

What a comment on Tories in Exmouth!

Exmouth Halsdon (three seats)
Megan Armstrong (Independent) – 1,293 ELECTED
Jill Marion Elson (Conservative) – 475
Tony Hill (Conservative) – 380
Paul Millar (Independent) – 1,140 ELECTED
Pauline Stott (Conservative) – 447
Andrew Toye (Liberal Democrats) – 289
Brian Toye (Liberal Democrats) – 260
Tony Woodward (Green Party) – 647 ELECTED