Level playing field? Not when you have “posh boys” like Swire

Book review shows how posh boys rule … and rule … and rule.

Posh Boys: How the English Public Schools Ruin Britain, Robert Verkaik

“… Posh Boys is foregrounded by an appreciation of the statistical evidence on the current state of public-school privilege today.

Approximately 7% of children are privately educated, but more than 40% of the 500 most powerful people in the UK were privately educated (289), including 74% of UK senior judges, 74% of senior officers in the British Armed Forces, 55% of permanent secretaries in Whitehall, 50% of government Cabinet ministers and members of the House of Lords and a third of Russell Group university vice-chancellors (4).

Thus, power is concentrated disproportionately amongst and in favour of those from a privately educated background. …”

Book Review | Posh Boys: How the English Public Schools Ruin Britain by Robert Verkaik