Bit of a headache for Cranbrook councillor who is Chair of Exmouth Regeneration Board

Freedom of Information request which will test the (Independent Group) Chairman’s mettle!

“Dear East Devon District Council,

Please advise what independent advice was sought on the governance of: Queen’s Drive Exmouth Community Interest Company, excluding those individuals and businesses associated with OXYGEN HOUSE GROUP LIMITED Company number 08306319?

Please advise what measures have been taken to ensure that there is a truly independent director on the board?

Please advise why Queen’s Drive Exmouth Community Interest Company was gifted a community asset at the nominal rent of £1 per year for 125 years when East Devon District Council does not hold either a majority share interest or the controlling majority of directors?

Please demonstrate what evidence you hold that ensures that the community asset is protected?

Please demonstrate in what ways Queen’s Drive Exmouth Community Interest Company is a Social Enterprise for the benefit of the local community?

Please clarify in what ways it is not merely an extension of the commercial, private and business interests that Dr Mark Dixon and the companies that he controls including Grenadier already have in place key with tenants Edge Watersports and Michael Caines?”

One thought on “Bit of a headache for Cranbrook councillor who is Chair of Exmouth Regeneration Board

  1. It doesn’t benefit the local community to let community assets be gifted for a nominal amount, with tax payers money utilised for the benefit of developers and minority interests, without challenging it? It doesn’t matter what your political persuasion is. I don’t belong to any political group but even it I did, I still have a right to my opinion as do others. I believe that funded correctly this could have acted as a true social enterprise, offering training to disadvantaged families and individuals at subsidized rates. Offering substantial community facilities, which considering its use of public funds and assets should have been at the centre of any development and not an afterthought.


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