Labour delusion part 2: in it to win it?

Labour vote in the East Devon Constituency in the May 2017 elections:

District Council elections:
EDDC 2,126

Exeter City Council in local elections, part of EDDC constituency at General Elections:
(made up of St Loyes 550, Topsham 794)

Total 3,470

Exmouth Town Labour vote 265
(candidate Daniel Wilson – 5th of nine)

Vote Labour or Lib Dem – get Tory

One thought on “Labour delusion part 2: in it to win it?

  1. With so many closet Tories pretending to be something else it set me wondering about the Labour candidate in East Devon. Your description of him being delusional maybe hiding a more insidious truth. He must know that he has absolutely zero chance of winning in ED. Owl has already reminded us of the figures for 2017 when, had the Labour and Lib Dem votes gone to Claire Wright, she would have won and we’d been spared yet another term with Sir Hugo doing next to nothing for local voters.


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