Johnson has hissy fit – refuses to debate climate change because one participant is a Leader, not an candidate

Johnson has previously refused to appear with Sturgeon – he really IS afraid of her! Sturgeon, although not a candidate IS the person who takes the big decisions in Scotland.

“Boris Johnson is refusing to take part in the first ever election leader’s debate focusing on the climate crisis, with Channel 4 threatening to leave an empty chair if the prime minister does not attend.

The broadcaster said Mr Johnson had yet to respond to a request to attend the hour-long Emergency On Planet Earth debate on Thursday.

It came hours after the UN published a report warning that countries would need to increase their carbon-cutting efforts five fold to avoid climate chaos.

Channel 4 has invited six party leaders to its climate debate, but so far only the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Scottish First Minister National party leader Nicola Sturgeon, the Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson, and the co-leader of the Green party Sian Berry, have agreed to take part.

It is understood that the prime minister is not willing to debate with Ms Sturgeon because she is not a candidate at the election, and it is not clear if a replacement will be sent.”

“Boris Johnson’s pledge to recruit 50,000 new nurses is based on lies and is an insult to the NHS”

“Boris Johnson has promised an extra 50,000 NHS nurses by 2025. Part of the package is a return to providing bursaries for nursing students, to support them while they gain vital professional qualifications. This might seem like a welcome proposal, until you realise the entire policy is built on sand, propped up with deception and lies, and amounts to an insult to the brilliant and hardworking staff of the NHS.

Bursaries were axed at the insistence of the Tories in 2016, despite clear warnings from health unions, professional associations, and nurses themselves that this would be detrimental to the recruitment and retention of nurses.

Figures released by UCAS show that the number of people applying to study nursing in England has fallen by more than 13,000 since the bursary was scrapped. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) points out that the numbers of mature students applying has also fallen by 41%. They say there are about 40,000 nursing vacancies in England. The prime minister’s pledge to reinstate the bursary is welcome, but merely rights a wrong, and does nothing to plug a three-year gap in recruitment.

Then there is the prime minister’s flagship Brexit plan. The uncertainty and threat of economic chaos has already meant the NHS has lost 5,000 nurses from other EU nations. There has been a huge fall in the numbers of nurses from other EU countries coming to the UK to work for the NHS. This is hardly a surprise given the toxic political culture and sense that they are unwelcome.”

East Devon’s parachuted Tory candidate …

… seems to be rushing around the constituency trying to get as many photos as possible taken of himself by road signs.

Has anyone actually had a meaningful conversation with him (ie a question honestly answered?). Just so you recognise him, he may or may not have a beard and may or not call himself Simon Jupp!

On his Simon Jupp for East Devon Facebook page he looks like this:

on a Facebook page oddly called only “Simon James” (no mention of Jupp) he looked like this until recently:

EDDC had record income from parking at time Leader wanted to increase charges

Motorists all over East Devon are paying for refuse collection, council tax payers throughout East Devon will pay extra if there is no hotel in Exmouth … where will it end?

“The 2018/19 figures from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government show a record return for the council since comparable records began in 2008/9.

A consultation has been carried out, by the council, on plans to raise hourly parking charges from £1 to £1.20. The leader of the council, Ben Ingham, has said any increases will not come into force until 2021.

A spokesman for East Devon District Council said: “East Devon District Council owns 57 car parks that currently contribute around £2.4million which is used to provide a range of essential council services including, for example, our recycling and refuse collection contract. …”

The boss of the East Devon Tory candidate in East Devon behaves appallingly at hustings

Owl has found it difficult to find evidence that East Devon’s Toey hopeful (Simon Jupp) IS an aide to Dominic Raab (he is shown as aide to a Treasury MP on the parliamentary list of 5 November 2019) but as he and Swire say he is – it must be so, must it not?

Jupp is said to be a communications expert in the Tory Party – wonder what advice he gave Raab about this?

Dominic Raab was called a “coward” by the friends and family of Harry Dunn as they were left outside of a hustings in his constituency.

The 19-year-old died in a crash in Northamptonshire in August that led to the suspect leaving the UK claiming diplomatic immunity.

His family had hoped to put pressure on the foreign secretary who attended the event at a packed church in Surrey.

A member of staff at the church said they were kept out due to fire safety.

The Conservative Party has been approached for comment. …”

Stormzy creates massive spike in voter registration

If you don’t know who Stormzy is you are out of touch with the young people to whom this election is massively important!

If you do know who Stormzy is, you like what he says but you haven’t registered to vote – do it now at:

“Voter registration saw a 236 per cent spike on the day Stormzy tweeted in support of Labour (Monday 25 November).

The grime star wrote that he believed Boris Johnson to be a “sinister man” with a “long record of lying and policies that have absolutely no regard for the people that our government should be committed to helping and empowering”.

According to a performance breakdown on the GOV.UK website, 366,000 people registered to vote on Monday, compared to 109,000 the day before.

Some 150,000 of those registration applications were from people under the age of 25, while 114,000 were from those aged 25 to 34. …”

“Farmers convert land back to wildflower meadows in bid to cut carbon” (not East Devon’s Green candidate who has optioned some of his farming land to Persimmon!

What a contrast!

“Matthew Cooke, the Wildflower Farmer, believes a change is urgently needed to counter the influence of supermarkets and processors that demand more for less from the farming community, pressures that drive prices and negatively affect wildlife and the countryside.

With that, the Cooke family has taken the first act to convert their land to wildflower meadow. The family hope this act will be a catalyst for other farmers to return to wildflower meadows to help protect and benefit the environment. …”


Vote anything other than VERY GREEN Claire Wright and get Tory.