Frit Jupp shuts down comments on his Facebook page – and where IS he?

REMEMBER: a vote for any candidate other than Claire Wright is a vote for this elusive chap who doesn’t answer questions and who always seems to tell us where he has been and not where he is – a la Swire and Johnson!

Oh dear – thin skin. There were rather a lot of comments from people who had some very tricky questions for him on his Jupp for East Devon Facebook page – none of which he answered as he never engaged on the page at all.

People can’t even ask him questions, let alone get any answers as he’s either:

(a) Christmas shopping instead of attending a hustings he promised to attend (Sidmouth)


(b) surrounded by so many Tory minders as he takes his selfies at various town and village road signs that there is no opportunity to ask him anything at all


(c) only posting where he has BEEN rather than where he’s GOING!

Well looks like he’s wanting to be a Swire-clone MP (Swire 649th worst constituency MP out of 650 according to!).

Where Jupp goes Johnson follows as he refuses to attend his own constituency’s hustings!


Jupp (East Devon, Tory) preferred to go late night shopping rather than attend Sidmouth hustings. Johnson preferred to shop at Dart’s Farm rather than attend the Channel 4 climate change debate. Now Johnson has also refused to attend his own hustings.

Japp and Johnson – total non-believers in the democratic process.

“Organisers had initially rearranged to accommodate the Conservative candidate after the event clashed with Mr Johnson’s debate with Jeremy Corbyn on the BBC, but the PM declined nonetheless.

Labour candidate Ali Milani, who did attend the debate, wrote on Facebook afterwards: “Local hustings are a pillar of local democracy. Every local resident should have the right to ask all their candidates questions and hear their views. …”

“I am the only candidate who can win this seat from the Conservatives”, Claire Wright tells packed hall at Sidmouth hustings

From a correspondent:

The popular Independent candidate’s opening statement of this obvious fact was greeted with warm applause tonight by the large audience who attended the hustings at All Saints Church Hall, organised by the Vision Group for Sidmouth.

Six candidates were present: Henry Gent (Green Party); Eleanor Rylance (Liberal Democrat); Peter Faithfull (Independent ); Dan Wilson (Labour), and Claire Wright (Independent).

The Tory candidate, Simon Jupp, had agreed to be there, but withdrew at the last minute, citing an alternative commitment to appearances at late-night shopping events at Sidmouth and Budleigh Salterton that evening. Mr Jupp’s agent’s letter, courteously read out by Vision Group’s Peter Murphy,who Chaired the meeting, prompted loud guffaws from the floor.

All candidates acquitted themselves well, but a vote for any except Claire Wright would simply play into Boris Johnson’s hands. Only Claire Wright, with her decade of dedicated service as first a District, and now a County Councillor, could claim to have the “knowledge, experience, and contacts on the ground” to seriously challenge the Tory hold in East Devon.

“No great escape: Tory scales bins and fence to exit climate hustings”

(stock image – not the actual woman!)

Well, at least she turned up! Our Tory candidate is refusing to even attend Sidmouth hustings, preferring to shop in Exmouth and Budleigh!

(not Jupp, stock image)

“It is a common dilemma for any hard-bitten politician faced with a hostile crowd: how best to make a sharp exit to avoid embarrassment?

For one 63-year-old Tory councillor confronted with a less than receptive audience during a climate crisis debate the answer was to clamber over some bins and scale a fence.

Nancy Bikson was a last-minute replacement for Conservative prospective MP Maria Caulfield, who was too “busy” to attend climate hustings for candidates in the key marginal seat of Lewes, East Sussex, at a school on Monday evening.

Explaining that she was afforded little time to prepare for the event organised by local groups, including a branch of Extinction Rebellion, Bikson said she would not be sticking around for questions after making a short speech. She attracted groans from the crowd, with one man heckling her before she even began speaking, asking: “Why don’t you go now?”

Bikson said she cared deeply about the environment and that she “did her bit” but concluded, to further groans: “It’s all about us, there is no such thing as government. Government is just people.”

Though she eventually attracted polite applause, Bikson left the stage after other candidates made speeches and the event was opened to questions from the audience.

However, when she left via the fire escape she found herself outside in a dead end as the school gates wwere locked. Rather than trudged back through the packed hall to get out, she pondered her predicament for up to 45 minutes before opting to climb over the fence.

Bikson’s great escape would have stayed secret were it not for a 13-year-old girl who saw the incident unfold at Priory school.

The teenager, who does not wish to be named, said: “I left about an hour early and about half an hour after she [Bikson] left the stage. I came outside and I was about to cycle off and she was behind the gate next to our school canteen which was locked and said: ‘Excuse me, can you help me?’ She sounded quite desperate. I said the only way back out is through the auditorium and that she said she didn’t want to go back through the auditorium because of everyone.

“She said: ‘They all despise me … and they don’t want me to go back in there.’”

Explaining she felt sorry for the stranded politician, the teenager added: “I went back into the canteen to try and open the door from the inside [allowing her a route of escape] but it was locked. Then I got a caretaker. I said a caretaker is coming but she said: ‘Don’t worry, I’ll just climb over the gate.’ And she got up on the school bins and climbed over the gate. She’d been out there for a while.”

After hearing the tale, the schoolgirl’s mother, who runs a business managing composers, brought the councillor’s ordeal to wider audience, posting on Facebook: “Lewes Tory MP Maria Caulfield failed to show for tonight’s climate hustings. Her last-minute replacement left the hall before the questions, having first explained that she knew nothing about climate or the environment.

“She was spotted by my daughter 45 minutes later still trying to find her way off the premises without having to go back through the hall. She ended up climbing the fence via the bins. Ignominious.”

Biksonapparently admitted her actions later, telling the Evening Standard on Tuesday “It was only because there wasn’t any other way and I didn’t want to disrupt everybody. It was either that or sit outside for a couple of hours.”

But when the Guardian rang to get her version of events she was tight-lipped, replying: “I can neither confirm nor deny, thank you.”

Lewes was previously held by former Liberal Democrat minister Norman Baker for nearly two decades before being won by Brexiter Caufield in 2015. But the Conservatives only have a majority just over 5,000, meaning the constituency, which narrowly voted remain during the EU referendum, is in danger of being won back by the Lib Dems this month.”

Jupp accepted Sidmouth hustings invitation on 15 November – pulled out after deciding to shop in Exmouth instead

FRIT! FRIT! FRIT! (see also post below)

OWL DOES HOPE HE WILL BE EMPTY CHAIRED! Maybe replaced with a block of ice!

“Mr Jupp’s campaign manager, Dan Hallet had initially responded to the Vision Group’s invitation to all candidates with a firm acceptance on November 15: “Simon will definitely attend the event scheduled for Fri 6 Dec at 1900,” after which a confirmation and an agenda were sent out to all candidates and released to the press and online.

Hustings chairman Peter Murphy said: “We were rather surprised then when we received a further email on November 24 from Mr Hallet.”

According to VGS, Mr Hallet responded: “I have double-booked Simon to attend late night shopping events and canvassing sessions in the constituency. …”

“Conservative election candidate pulls out of Sidmouth hustings” – prefers to shop in Budleigh and Exmouth (honestly!)



“The Vision Group for Sidmouth, which is organising the event on Friday (December 6), has confirmed that Mr Jupp will not be taking part in General Election hustings.

According to the group, Mr Jupp is unable to attend due to being double booked.

Mr Jupp said he is attending late night shopping in Sidmouth and Budleigh as well as the Christmas fayre in Exmouth.

The vision group announced last week that the time of the hustings was put back to 7.30pm to ‘complement the late night shopping event and not compete with it’.

The following candidates are scheduled to take part:

Peter Faithfull (Independent), Henry Gent (Green Party), Eleanor Rylance (Liberal Democrats), Daniel Wilson (Labour Party), Claire Wright (Independent).

Peter Clarke, who is set to chair the hustings taking place at All Saints’ Hall, from 7.30pm, said: “Clearly we are disappointed that for the first time we won’t be fielding all election candidates, but obviously are respectful of Mr Jupp’s decision.”

Mr Jupp, who took part in a hustings event held at Exmouth Community College last week, said: “As a supporter of local business, I have a diary commitment to attend late night shopping events and to meet residents in Sidmouth and Budleigh as well as the Christmas Fayre in Exmouth on Friday.

“I and my team have been campaigning hard across the constituency, including Sidmouth.

“It’s a shame the hustings have been organised for this busy Friday night which is crucial for local businesses. …”

So far, Johnson has refused three different hustings debates

One on climate change tonight on Channel 4.

One with Andrew Neil who has interviewed all other party leaders.

One with the only person standing against him in his constituency.

By this shall you judge the man.

Anyone who votes for him or his candidates is selling us all out.

Words fail

How to submit a question to Sidmouth hustings

From Vision Group for Sidmouth:

This is your ‘red button’ to leave a question:
Otherwise questions can be submitted on the night at the door by 7.30pm.
Note: At the last general election hustings held by the Vision Group in Sidmouth, quite a few people turned up late to attend because there had been an important council meeting that same evening. In other words, it’ll be no problem to arrive after 7.30pm and after the Late Night Shopping, as candidates will be giving short presentations in the first half and taking questions in the second.
A seat cannot be guaranteed though!

Sidmouth hustings 6 December slight delay to start time (now 7.30 pm)

“The General Election Hustings planned for Sidmouth on December 6 has been put back half an hour due to the town’s Late Night Shopping event.

The event will now run from 7.30pm to 9pm.

Peter Murphy, chair of the event, said, “We wanted to complement the shopping event in Sidmouth and not compete with it. And so we decided to move the start time from 7pm to 7.30pm, to allow people to take part in both events.”

The Vision Group for Sidmouth, which is hosting the hustings, says that the calling of the snap general election left little time for organization and there were limited dates for the use of halls to hold the event.

Friday, December 6, had already been chosen by the Chamber of Commerce for its annual Late Night Shopping – so in order to avoid a clash, the Vision Group has pushed its own event to start a little later.

As Peter commented: “This way, we hope that people will be attracted to the centre of town with a double bill that evening!”

The hustings will be attended by all six parliamentary candidates and will be held at All Saints’ Hall, All Saints’ Road, near the hospital in Sidmouth.

All are welcome to come along.

To put a question to the candidates, click the red button below and write to the group’s secretary.

East Devon hustings – more information

Claire Wright has circulated hustings information (Owl has had no hustings i dormation from other candidates):

Below are all the hustings announced to date for East Devon and Claire will be attending all three.

Entry to the events is free but please note the following details:

November 28th 7:30 at Exmouth Community College

Exmouth – tickets must be reserved via Eventbrite. If no tickets are left for the event and you would like to attend, some of us may have spares, so please email us at

December 3rd 7:30 at Cranbrook Education Campus

Cranbrook – the event will be held in a large hall. Again, spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so don’t forget to arrive a little ahead of schedule.

December 6th 7pm at All Saints Church

Sidmouth – the event will be held in a room for 300 guests. Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis on the night, so please arrive a little early.

The campaign has a very positive energy and it is wonderful to see so many people showing their support. Please follow Claire’s social media handles for updates on the election trail so far and don’t forget to share any posts. Let’s keep the positivity going!

Sidmouth hustings – full information

“General Election Hustings 2019: Invitation to Meet Your Local Parliamentary Candidates.

Sidmouth’s Vision Group are please to invite residents to the Sidmouth Hustings, to be held at

All Saints Church Hall in
All Saints Road, EX10 8ES on
Friday 6th December
starting at 7.00 pm.

This will be the third General Election hustings organised and moderated by the Vision Group, providing an opportunity for voters to hear the views of candidates and the policies of their Party.

At the date of writing, the following candidates have confirmed they will attend:

Peter Faithfull (Independent)
Henry Gent (Green Party)
Simon Jupp Conservative Party)
Eleanor Rylance (Liberal Democrats)
Dan Wilson (Labour Party)
Claire Wright (Independent)

The event will be open to all registered voters in the Sid Valley. All Saints Hall can accommodate approximately 300 people, and there will be a limited number of seats provided.

How will the hustings be conducted?

6.30 pm Hall Opens; submission of questions using forms provided.

7.00 Introduction from the Chair, who will introduce each candidate

7.05 Each Candidate will have five minutes to introduce themselves and their campaign.

7.45 Chair will select representative questions from those submitted online or on the door.

8.30 The meeting will draw to a close.

Submitting your questions:

Hustings present an opportunity to find out where candidates stand on issues you care about, and their ability to communicate effectively.

Only questions submitted beforehand can be considered. It would be helpful if you could give your question a topic for reference so that similar questions can be consolidated.”

“Climate Emergency debate with candidates for Tiverton & Honiton constituency, 7 pm 28th November, Honiton Community College”

Climate Emergency debate with candidates for Tiverton & Honiton constituency, 7 pm 28th November, Honiton Community College.

Climate Emergency debate with candidates for Tiverton & Honiton constituency, 7 pm 28th November, Honiton Community College

Date changes for hustings in Exmouth and Sidmouth

Owl had transposed hustings – apologies – here is the correct information from a correspondent (thanks):

Just to say that the hustings on Thurs 28th Nov is in Exmouth at Exmouth Community College from 7 pm

Free, but tickets must be booked via Eventbrite

And the hustings on Fri 6th Dec is in Sidmouth at 7pm at All Saints Church Hall.