Claim mortgages being refused in developments with gypsy and traveller sites

Will this affect Cranbrook?

“The Council of Mortgage Lenders are REFUSING to grant mortgages to prospective house buyers if a new housing development includes gypsy and traveller pitches, it has been claimed.

The shock allegation was made at Tuesday’s Teignbridge District Council planning meeting when councillors were discussing creating additional pitches at a site in Teigngrace.

The pitches were due to be delivered as part of the strategic allocations at South West Exeter where nearly 2,000 new homes are to be built.

But Rosalyn Eastman, Business Manager for Strategic Place, said that gypsy and traveller pitches were required to be delivered off-site as the Council of Mortgage Lenders had told them they won’t provide mortgages to homes which have gypsy and travellers pitches within their allocation boundary. …”

A way of dealing with travellers in Cranbrook?

“Harlow Borough Council and Essex County Council have secured a three-year extension to an injunction which bans Travellers from setting up unauthorised encampments across Harlow.

The injunction will now apply until midnight on 14 June 2020. It had been due to expire on 16 June 2017.

The councils said that they had, in seeking an extension, also applied to add five named persons to the injunction order and one piece of private land, previously not included.

The injunction bans 40 named persons from setting up unauthorised encampments on any land in Harlow. It also protects 322 vulnerable sites across Harlow including parks and playgrounds, business areas, highway verges, schools, cycle tracks, previously occupied sites and some private land from person’s unknown setting up unauthorised encampments.

The two local authorities originally applied for an interim injunction in March 2015, after Harlow experienced 109 different unauthorised encampments for nearly 18 months.

In December 2015 a full injunction was granted by the High Court for 18 months.

The injunction was seen as a ground-breaking move at the time as an injunction excluding named persons from an entire district had never been applied for before. …”

More travellers arrive in Cranbrook

“Residents in Cranbrook have hit out after more travellers arrived overnight near the town’s train station.

The number of caravans parked at the station car park are reported to have been increasing in recent weeks with three more vehicles pitching up on a grass area next to the car park on Wednesday evening.

Local resident Caroline Williams said that locals are ‘fed up’ by the situation. “Devon County Council and Cranbrook Consortium have to rid this peaceful town of travellers who turn up cause havoc,” she said.

“When they finally get moved on the mess and filth is there for weeks and then just when it gets cleared another group turns up.

“Everyone has complained and nothing seems to be being done other than the travellers being provided with mobile toilets. We have asked for better security around the train station as it is now seen as an easy target but no one seem willing to help. It’s beyond a joke.

“People no longer use the park and ride and many more now taken then bus to avoid the area – something needs to be done. Residence (sic) here love Cranbrook and are building a community that is being ruined and seemingly forgotten about.”

A spokesman for Cranbrook Town Council said the it is hoped that the travellers will be moved on by the end of Thursday.

“This morning (Thursday) we received confirmation from the Consortium, who own the Country Park, that they have arranged for the eviction of travellers on the Consortium land and hopefully eviction will happen today,” said the spokesman.

“They are also contacting Devon County Council on an hourly basis regarding their enforcement action on the station car park, which is owned by Devon County Council.

“We understand that no repair works to anything will take place until the travellers have departed. We fully understand how frustrating this situation is and empathise with residents’ feelings. We keep doing everything we can to keep the pressure up so that those who are responsible for resolving this unsatisfactory situation initiate action.”

Sally Woodbury, chairman of the Romany Gypsy Advisory Group and spokesman for travellers groups in the region, has called on councils across the region to provide more provision for them.

A new government policy blocks anyone identifying as a Gypsy or Traveller from staying on permanent caravan sites unless they can prove they have travelled several times that year.

She said: “There is definitely a real lack of sites for travellers and transport provision in Devon. I have been speaking on behalf of travellers for several years now and the issues are getting worse and there are less and less places for them to go.

“It is all very well people saying that we don’t want travellers here, but then there needs to be a provision for somewhere for them to go instead. Most travellers I speak to would be happy if there were sites for somewhere for them to go and pay rent, have toilet and rubbish collections facilities, and stay there for a while before then moving onto the next site. But until there are enough sites put in place for this to happen, everyone’s hands are tied and the occupation of sites will keep happening each year.

“There needs to be more provision for travellers as we are just going around in circles year after year, and it feels like it is getting worse.”

Travellers take over Cranbrook railway car park

Cranbrook Town Council Facebook site:

We have received a number of reports tonight about the arrival of travellers in the Cranbrook train station car park. We are aware of their arrival and the relevant partners have been informed. Thank you to all who have contacted us.

Julie Bellham What have the relevant partners said they will do?

Kym Davies I have also reported to the police as they were being very sexual towards my daughter and have been witnesses stealing bikes from people’s gardens

Julie Bellham There are quite a few on bikes!

[Cranbrook has been chosen for a new gypsy and traveller site]

Sites at Clyst St Mary and Hawkchurch put forward by landowners for Gypsies and Travellers

No declamatory press release was put out about this bit of information, on an EDDC link last updated on 13 January 2016:

Consultation on the following documents was carried out between 6 November and 5 pm on 4 January 2016.

Call for sites – landowners are invited to submit land which they feel is suitable for Gypsy and Traveller use using this Gypsy and Traveller site assessment form.
“Methodology for Site Assessment which will be used to assess the suitability of sites submitted in response to the call for sites.
Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report, which is set out in the form of a letter asking what should be considered in the SA/SEA of the Gypsy and Traveller Plan.
The Call for Sites generated some interest and the following sites were submitted for consideration:”

Call for Sites Pro forma 1 (Hawkchurch – Hawkwell Mobile Home Park, 3 acres)

Click to access c-lee-site-proforma.pdf

Call for Sites Pro forma 2 (3 Greendale Lane (part) Clyst St Mary, one-third of its 2 acres)

Click to access t-smith-site-proforma.pdf

as linked to:

Gypsies? Not in our backyard says Cranbrook – send ’em to Ottery!

” …The development around Cranbrook is placing considerable pressure on surrounding villages and it is felt that these villages should not be the location for any new sites.

“We note that commentary on and around the plan process seems to assume that a new traveller site will be at or near Cranbrook. We feel that this commentary is prejudicial to an objective assessment.”

Mr Randle [Cranbrook Town Clerk] suggested further exploration of the current showmen stopping site at Clyst St Mary and land at Daisymount near to the M5 corridor.”

Gypsy and Traveller Policy modified

The Government has revised its special planning policy for Travellers to state that it will only apply to those “who lead a genuine travelling lifestyle”.

Ministers said this would mean that any application for a permanent site, including caravan sites, by someone who does not travel will be considered in the same way as an application from the settled population.

The new policy, published by the Department for Communities and Local Government, is also intended to shore up Green Belt and other protections.

It states that if a local planning authority cannot demonstrate an up–to-date 5-year supply of deliverable sites, this should be a significant material consideration in any subsequent planning decision when considering applications for the grant of temporary planning permission.
An exception is where the proposal is on land designated as:

Green Belt;

sites protected under the Birds and Habitats Directives;
sites designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest;
Local Green Space;

an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty;

within a National Park (or the Broads).

The policy states that inappropriate development is harmful to the Green Belt and should not be approved, except in very special circumstances.

“Traveller sites (temporary or permanent) in the Green Belt are inappropriate development,” it says. “Subject to the best interests of the child, personal circumstances and unmet need are unlikely to clearly outweigh harm to the Green Belt and any other harm so as to establish very special circumstances.”

The revised policy also says: “In exceptional cases, where a local planning authority is burdened by a large-scale unauthorised site that has significantly increased their need, and their area is subject to strict and special planning constraints, then there is no assumption that the local planning authority is required to plan to meet their traveller site needs in full.”

The DCLG claimed the new policy made clear the need to ensure fairness in the system, with planning policy reflecting the requirement that caravan sites should be made available for those who travel permanently.

Communities Secretary Greg Clark said: “I’m determined to ensure fairness in the planning system, so everyone abides by the same rules.

“Today’s new policy strengthens the hand of councils to tackle unauthorised development in their area, ensures all communities are treated equally and that the protection of the Green Belt is enforceable.”

Housing and Planning Minister Brandon Lewis said: “Unauthorised traveller sites can blight communities, causing misery for their neighbours and creating resentment that planning rules don’t seem to be applied fairly.
“Today’s revised planning policy clearly sets out the protection against unauthorised occupation and that the rules apply fairly to every community equally – no ifs, no buts.”

Garden Court Chambers’ Marc Willers QC, who advises Gypsies, Travellers and Roma, warned on Twitter that the new planning policy was “short-sighted” and bound to result in more unauthorised camping. “To what end?” he said.

Pickles decision to refuse gypsy site overturned by High Court

Does anyone recall the case of the lady in Tipton St John with gypsy roots where the plot involved had been in her family for generations:

Perhaps the lady would be interested in this where the family had been on the site only since 2008:

Skypark developers not happy about more employment land at Cranbrook – and they are none too keen on Gypsies and Travellers

Some snippets from their objection:

“Build out Rate

The Skypark site was granted outline consent in 2010 for a mix of B1 and B2 uses (06/3300/MOUT) with a significant number of conditions and major package of Section 106 obligations. The reality therefore is that it has taken 5 years to secure the first B1/2 occupier on the site suggesting the site will take at least 25 years to complete

Over Supply and Viability:

Should EDDC propose further employment land this will lead to an overprovision of space in the market. In simple terms, occupiers will go to alternative new greenfield sites instead of locating to Skypark. A key message that SDP wishes to deliver is the fundamental risk that over supply has on the market. Quite simply an over provision of sites will suppress values which in turn renders sites unviable and therefore undeliverable. This will stagnate the delivery of employment floorspace and lead to the loss of occupiers from the
District as sites will not be prepared, or speculative accommodation built. The addition of further land at Cranbrook will therefore further undermine delivery potential and the quality and sustainability of buildings. There is already significant employment land immediately available within the Cranbrook area. It has been demonstrated in several studies commissioned by EDDC that there is a substantial supply of employment land available during the plan period and beyond and therefore there is absolutely no need for further employment land for demand that could be met in a sustainable environment at Skypark.

Gypsy and Traveller Provision:

We note reference is made to provision of Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation within the DPD list of issues. SDP is concerned that if allocation of such provision within Cranbrook is explored then this would need to be considered carefully in terms of impact on the commercial attractiveness of Skypark given the Council’s own objective of it being a high quality employment development.