How to reinvent the tourism wheel in Exmouth!

Owl says: The headline shouts “Survey shows Exmouth popular with visitors”. BUT they don’t mention wanting a watersports centre, and Owl is certain that is what Councillor Skinner and his “Regeneration Board” will spin!

The survey has been used to say that people spend half as much money in Exmouth as in the rest of East Devon. Might that be because they are not STAYING in Exmouth just visiting? Duh! And owl bets they STILL spend more than visitors to “regenerated” Seaton!

[Surveys commissioned by EDDC] reveal much praise for the town from visitors, although the results show the amount of money they spend is lower than in other local areas.

The 2016 Exmouth Visitor Survey quizzed 1,000 people who visited between June and October.

The survey, commissioned by East Devon District Council for the Exmouth Coastal Community Team, was carried out by the South West Research Company.

The survey found visitor satisfaction levels were generally good, with high scores for accommodation, places to eat and drink, outdoor places to visit, the beach, ease of navigation, public transport, the upkeep of parks and open spaces, cleanliness of the streets, and the general atmosphere. …

… Areas where visitors were less satisfied with Exmouth included shopping, the range of indoor attractions and places to visit, nightlife and evening entertainment, the availability and cleanliness of public toilets, and car parking. …”

2 thoughts on “How to reinvent the tourism wheel in Exmouth!

  1. What the survey said was the things people didn’t want were nightclubs,children’s attractions, activities etc. What they all want is better class shopping which means revamping the Town. They love long walks,the beach and the natural space. EDDC spinners are following fake news. If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes “truth”. If you remember the original Watersports Centre was going to be a Community Project run by and for the Community. They’ve now dropped all idea of that commitment.


  2. Over time I have come to the conclusion that you cannot believe a single word of PR from EDDC without checking out the facts for yourself and seeing what they have omitted to mention.

    Whilst it is good to find out what the visitors think, the real proof of economic benefit is whether the businesses in the area have earned more – so in the absence of proper statistics showing economic growth, the proper alternative is a survey of local tourist businesses to ask them whether their incomes / profits have gone up or down.

    Of course, you would have to include figures for all the tourist businesses that EDDC has forced to close – all of which presumably show a 100% decrease in turnover. So, it would seem doubtful that EDDC’s approach has actually benefited Exmouth overall at all.


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