One thought on “Exmouth “regeneration” plan approved by EDDC

  1. No surprises there !
    EDDC councillors ( conservative of course!) view their their job as spending as little money as they can, so that their wealthier chums and supporters can remain wealthier and continue to support them!
    There are clear and obvious reasons for such a philosophy to survive , greed and self interest, lack of empathy for anybody who needs help which costs ….. anything!
    Exmouth, as the largest town outside the big three conurbations in Devon , and within the “realm” of EDDC is their main cash cow, and milk Exmouth they will do until the milk runs out.
    This is where the conservative philosophy always falls down , what will they milk when there’s bugger all else to milk?
    Will they care?
    Probably not as most of them will be ashes by than ( hopefully)!


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