How did TV companies get to Knowle so quickly?

How were BBC Devon and Westcountry News able to get to Knowle so quickly when the Exmouth “regeneration” Development Management Committee didn’t start its meeting till 10 am yet Mark Williams was able to give an interview for the 1.30 pm edition of Spotlight and one that appeared on West Country News at 6 pm? And TV cameras were inside the meeting too.

Somehow they never seemed to be interested in the public’s protests about the same issues ….. though West Country News did at least balance the news today with local campaigners who were in disagreement with the decision.

And should Mark Williams have said he favours Grenadier’s watersports centre – after specifically naming them in his interview – isn’t he supposed to be neutral?

2 thoughts on “How did TV companies get to Knowle so quickly?

  1. I think this is a question you should address to BBC Spotlight and SOUTHWEST.
    There’s no doubt at all in my mind that Mark Williams is a manipulator in every respect.
    He’s [allegedly] manipulated the voting figures, therefore determining the electorate and probable outcome, he has [allegedly] manipulated the TV companies to get a head start on any contentious issue, and with Exmouth, every issue is contentious.
    The BBC in our neck of the woods is naive in almost every way.
    They present everything as if it’s a done deal, and challenge locals to plea their case as it would have been done in the 18th Century.
    Mark Williams is not a man to be trusted .
    He has been investigated for [allegedly] manipulating voting returns.
    He has been seen to be uneconomical with the truth about the relocation of East Devons HQ.
    He has never come up with a satisfactory answer to any question (feeble as it may be )from the BBC
    In my opinion he should be (edited).


  2. To be fair Spotlight also showed protests from the Exmouth Crazy Golf and boat pond site and interviewed the seafront cafe owners who are to lose their business as well as talking to some of their disappointed customers.


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