Grenadier in Exmouth again today – some questions to ponder

Grenadier are at Ocean again today. 9 to 5.

Here are a few possible questions to ask Grenadier or EDDC:

How much is Grenadier paying EDDC for the 125 year lease for the whole of the Phase 2 site? (Presumably this is no longer commercially sensitive information) and what are arrangements for profit-sharing (if any).

Does the designation of Phase 3 now as “mixed use” means business, commercial or residential or a combination of these uses?

Whose idea/decision was it to reroute the road? There is confusion as to whether it was EDDC or Grenadier.

Is there a longer-term plan for the area that has not yet been disclosed?

Chance of straight answers to simple questions?

One thought on “Grenadier in Exmouth again today – some questions to ponder

  1. This small complex is part of what is required for Exmouth, but the main improvements needed, will take far longer if we are to rely on an army of private developer’s to provide such a large investment for it’s vision and objectives of the future for the whole vision stated in EDDCs own Master Plan which had their own forecast of a 2035 completion date. “We will not achieve this” Our Council need to realize the £ 250 000 which the local business man who had run the play park, had suggested and if this small offer had been accepted, it would have provided a number of small wooden buildings and improvements much as the Grenadier centre is providing 200 metre’s along the Beach Side, We do need some integrated joined up Council thinking.
    This at least would have have avoided what has become an uninspiring fenced off Amusement and Children’s Play Area.


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