EDDC lays down the law on Ian Thomas defection

“… Mark Williams, East Devon District Council’s chief executive, said: “This is a personal decision taken by councillor Thomas. From a returning officer perspective the election for the Trinity ward will continue.

“Cllr Thomas has been validly nominated to stand in the Trinity Ward and the ballot papers will show that he is standing as a Conservative candidate as this was the basis on which he was nominated. The change in circumstances does not countermand the election process and it will go ahead on May 2.

“From a chief executive perspective, cllr Thomas is the Leader of the Council and remains as such until the circumstances set out in Article 6.03 of the Council’s Constitution occur. These are that either cllr Thomas resigns as leader; is suspended from being a councillor; is no longer a councillor; is removed by resolution of the council; or another leader is elected at the Annual Council Meeting on the May 22.”


“Millions Of Voters Forced To Choose Between Just Two Parties In Local Elections”

Fortunately, many (real) Independents standing in East Devon.

“Millions of voters will be forced to choose between just two political parties in next week’s local elections despite plummeting support for the Conservatives and Labour, new analysis shows.

More than 2.6m potential voters in 816 council seats across England will face a choice between just two candidates despite nearly half (40%) of the public supporting parties that are not the “big two”, up from 20% in December, according to YouGov polls.

Nearly half of the two-way contests – 56% – will see the Tories and Labour battle it out without any challenge, while a further 20% are Tory-Liberal Democrat battles. …”


Meet your Independent candidate in Honiton tomorrow

Tony McCollum 100% Independent candidate for EDDC will be holding his surgery at the back room of Lace makers cafe tomorrow 10am to 2pm for anyone who would like to speak to him with any of their concerns regarding local issues.

This is because due to bad weather coming in tomorrow the market wont be available to him. Tony is hoping to see you tomorrow as he promised he wanted to give residents the chance to chat with him

THAT question, part 2 …

Comment from retiring Independent councillor Roger Giles on the fact that Councillor Ian Thomas resigned from the Conservative Party on 17 April 2019 but neither he nor the local Conservative Party made this known to the public until yesterday:

“There was, of course, a meeting of the Conservative-run East Devon District Council on 24 April.

The meeting was chaired by Ian Thomas, although he was apparently no longer a member of the Conservative Party.

Nothing was said at the meeting about his changed situation.

I imagine many people at the meeting were unaware of the very strange situation.

I imagine the meeting might have taken a different course had it been generally known.”

Questions about “THAT” resignation … the missing 12 days

“Cllr Thomas said: “With a heavy heart, I confirm my resignation from the Conservative Party on April 17, 2019.”


Owl is puzzled.

Why did Councillor Thomas wait until yesterday (a week later) to make this information public?

Was Councillor Thomas aware before 5 April 2019 that he was so disaffected by his party that he might feel the need to resign from it?

If so, why did he not resign before 5 April?

If not, what new information did Councillor Thomas receive between 5 April (when nomination papers had to be officially in for local elections) and 17 April 2019 when he resigned?

What national policies of his former party did Councillor Thomas disagree with that caused him to believe he could not continue in it at local level – what issues was it influencing locally that he disagreed with?

Councillor Thomas is now “Independent” so free from party whipping and completely free to discuss his views on this important topic so that voters in his ward understand what he will do differently in future – and why.