Questions about “THAT” resignation … the missing 12 days

“Cllr Thomas said: “With a heavy heart, I confirm my resignation from the Conservative Party on April 17, 2019.”

Owl is puzzled.

Why did Councillor Thomas wait until yesterday (a week later) to make this information public?

Was Councillor Thomas aware before 5 April 2019 that he was so disaffected by his party that he might feel the need to resign from it?

If so, why did he not resign before 5 April?

If not, what new information did Councillor Thomas receive between 5 April (when nomination papers had to be officially in for local elections) and 17 April 2019 when he resigned?

What national policies of his former party did Councillor Thomas disagree with that caused him to believe he could not continue in it at local level – what issues was it influencing locally that he disagreed with?

Councillor Thomas is now “Independent” so free from party whipping and completely free to discuss his views on this important topic so that voters in his ward understand what he will do differently in future – and why.