Exmouth Regeneration Board – who IS the chair?

Thursday, 20th June, 2019 9.30 am, Exmouth Regeneration Board

Here it is Councillor Megan Armstrong:

Here it’s “new Chair” Cranbrook Councillor Kevin Bailey:


2 thoughts on “Exmouth Regeneration Board – who IS the chair?

  1. I’m very disappointed that Owl has removed a sentence which can be substantiated. He must think me very foolish. He has my email address. Why take the meat out of the comment when he could have asked for the evidence. More than happy to share.


  2. More confusing is why these meetings are still not open to the public and whether they will now be properly minuted. I’m intrigued to see certain individuals listed as “public “.
    Ian McQueen is chairman of the Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and husband of a former Tory district councillor and mayor of Exmouth. [This sentence removed as it co tains unsubstantiated allegations]. Not someone I would want to see working in my best interest on a secret committee. I presume Tim Wood is the former Tory District councillor of the same name, who was appointed “Exmouth Champion” by EDDC. Previously a parliamentary whip at the same time as McCarthy and Stone director Sir George Young. The other public cooptees I have never heard of despite living in Exmouth for the last 12 years and 20 in all. The new councillors may find themselves outnumbered by an unholy alliance of Richard Cohen and minions supported by Tory plants. Can anyone please inform us of the qualifications of these other “public” participants please.


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