Queen’s Drive Exmouth: Ingham “threatens” council tax hike if another hotel isn’t accepted

From a correspondent (Owl was not present at the exhibition so cannot verify information):

“Exmouth residents were threatened last night by Ben Ingham with a Council Tax hike if the town did not accept a hotel on phase 3. Cllr Kevin Blakey chair of the delivery group told [the correspondent] before the meeting that they were in talks with Premier Inn.

This threat was picked up by an angry member of the audience who unsatisfactorily challenged the panel . The audience it has to be said were in the main underwhelmed by the proposals on offer at the Ocean last night.

Wayne Hemingway talked with passion about the unique qualities of the Seafront. He praised the siting of a bowling club, a cricket club and tennis courts in sight of the sea .
He also praised the wonderful family friendly open spaces of the Maer. His vision was the whole area should be branded. He praised the vision of phase 2 in trying attract younger more monied visitors. To that end he slammed the hotel offers in the Town currently as sub standard and inappropriate for current tastes. His solution a boutique hotel. But where?

Sally Galsworthy part of the Residents Group who presented their vision for Queens Drive said. “ I was staggered. I had not heard Wayne speak before . His analysis of where the market is heading absolutely resonates with the research I have privately undertaken during the last three years. I think he would have liked our proposals “

She continued “ … in my view, the Council seem preoccupied with for the £3m debt left behind by the previous Tory administration. Hemingway was encouraging us to be flexible to ensure our long term survival. Exmouth deserves better than a short term fix”.

2 thoughts on “Queen’s Drive Exmouth: Ingham “threatens” council tax hike if another hotel isn’t accepted

  1. Wayne Hemingway seemed to me to be seriously underwhelming. He had clearly not bothered to prepare a presentation and seemed preoccupied with Vegan preferences, claiming that a good hotel had to offer a Vegan breakfast, in spote of the fact that less than 5% of the population declare themselves to be Vegans. He said that the design of new buildings mustn’t be stuck in the past but then praised the Midland Hotel in Morecambe which was built in 1933.


  2. The Owl and the Pussy Cat went to sea…..
    Seems Wise Owl is recently infatuated by the not so fluffy Pussy Cat. They seem to enjoy bearing talons or claws respectively in the direction of Ben Ingham.
    Miaow! Presumably the ‘correspondent’ is Sally Goalsworthy again.
    Instead of “threatens” substitute “speaks the worrying truth.”

    Were Owl and Cat around in the days when Cllr Ingham was one who resisted his colleagues approving this project without thinking through the costs?
    Were they around when he warned them of the dangers of the huge debt that would be incurred by going ahead with rebuilding Queens Drive ?
    The last District Council saddled us with these debts. Their refusal to listen to residents concerns is why they got booted out!
    Call Ben Ingham’s words ‘a threat’ if you like but it is the worrying truth.
    Hemingway was probably told he needed to come up with the best solution to stop us from going bankrupt.
    How do Owl and Cat suggest he balances the budget?
    Hooting and Miaowing doesn’t solve the problem.


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