Owl is SO tired of “binary politics”!

No need to read newspapers or watch TV – one knows exactly what they will say about whom and about what. Each side says the other is 100% wrong and stupid and their side is 100% right and clever.

We HAVE to do things differently – we have to start electing people such as Claire Wright – local people who thoroughly understand local issues and are not subject to party whipping.

Proportional representation too! First-past-the-post usually means that someone with less than 50% of the votes ends up representing 100% of the people.

Parachute Tory candidate Jupp …

“Mr Jupp himself moved to Exmouth at the beginning of November from his flat in Wimbledon, which he still owns from his time working in Westminster.” …


A vote for anyone other than Claire Wright is a vote for the parachute Tory.

Now Lib Dems publish “fake” newspaper

A vote for anyone other than Claire Wright (Independent) is a vote for Tories.

Hot on the heels of East Devon Tories:

National Lib Dems try same (dirty) trick


Jew Miriam Margolys sticks up for Corbyn – explains difference between anti-semitism and anti-Zionism

Anti-semitism is hating Jews.
Anti-Zionism is being against the State of Israel.
Miriam Margolys is a Jew who is an anti-Zionist.
The Chief Rabbi has said that anyone who is pro-Palestine is an anti-semite.
However, many, many Jewish people recognise the right for Palestine to exist.
Anyone (Jewish or not) who is pro-Palestine is not an anti-Semite and may or may not be anti-Zionist (for or against a state of Israel).
How Owl wishes people could understand the difference – including the Chief Rabbi!