Does Richard Cohen know more than the Energy Minister?

First Capacity Market auction guarantees security of supply at low cost

Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, said:

… ‘This is fantastic news for bill-payers and businesses. We are guaranteeing security at the lowest cost for consumers. We’ve done this by ensuring that we get the best out of our existing power stations and unlocking new investment in flexible plant.’ …

… Our best estimate for the average annual net on domestic electricity bills over the period 2016 to 2030 remains an estimated £2 (in 2012 prices). This is equivalent to a 0.3% average increase in domestic bills.”

Mr Cohen if EDDC apparently believes that a more accurate figure is 10% increase year by year.

Relocation costs: EDA (and others) to the rescue!

“The East Devon Alliance campaign group has long argued that the relocation project has had an air of “secrecy” surrounding it and has questioned why the council’s financial case has “never been fully revealed”.

Now, the group has welcomed the decision for reports into the “relocation financial model calculations and assumptions” to be made public: An internal report into the relocation figures by Andrew Ellins, audit manager of the South West Audit Partnership, and by external auditors Grant Thornton, will be made available to members of the council’s Overview and Scrutiny and Audit and Governance committees ahead of their joint meeting to discuss the findings on March 5.

… [EDA member] Mr [Tony] Green welcomed the forthcoming publication of the reports but criticised the time it’s taken for the financial case behind the controversial project to be scrutinised and revealed.

“There’s been a whole lot of secrecy surrounding the figures and a lot of suspicion about the move,” he said. I would have welcomed a detailed report a couple of years ago before the decision was taken to move. It’s extraordinary that it’s been left until the eleventh hour for auditors to look at the data in detail.

There was definitely a feeling at the meeting that the committee were waking up to the sheer scale of what could go wrong, and there was a genuine effort to get to the bottom of figures they had previously taken on trust.”

At the meeting, former chairman of Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce, Richard Eley, questioned the council’s annual energy consumption prediction of around eight per cent increase a year. Mr Green added that the estimation was “ridiculous” and annual costs would be more like a two – four per cent increase.”

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PS: Just because we’re divorced it doesn’t mean we don’t still love ’em!

Knowle relocation energy costs ..a sensitive matter for EDDC, it seems.

There’s a curious continued reluctance of the relocation Team to fully answer  SOS Chair Richard Thurlow’s Freedom of Information request on the matter.  Details here:

“Ask Pickles” – videos of questions and answers from a parallel universe!

Polished spin by Mr Pickles on a number of important topics in videos produced from “Question Time” events held last year.

Topics given the Pickles treatment include:

What help is there for villages under threat of over-development? Yes, he REALLY thinks there are things we can do!

Fracking (live with it)

Are councils doing enough to engage voters? (Well, he thinks so – our missing 6,000 voters might not have agreed and the Parliamentary Committee pointed the finger at EDDC for not doing enough)

Why have new unitary councils bedn blocked? (Because we can, and some of them might be too powerful and the wrong party)

What are the solutions to unaffordable affordable housing? Yes, Pickles thinks we can solve this problem!