Anyone notice something about this press release for Exeter Science Park?

Answer: it is a non-story! At no point in the puff job is a potential tenant named!

EDDC us a partner in this project, along with Skypark, once touted as a suitable place for its new HQ and still with the majority of its space empty.

It seems all is not well at these so-called high-tech industrial areas on the outskirts of Exeter and Cranbrook. Yet thousands of houses are already being built for people supposed to be working in them. Recipe for disaster?

But still, a good exercise in making no news good news!

Perhaps our councillors should be scrutinising these projects and how much it is costing us to keep these sites ticking over and publicised.

Exeter Science Park was “topped out” in August 2014:

Skypark was supposed to provide 7,000 new jobs. Only three companies currently operate on the site: the E.ON energy centre for Cranbrook, ampn ambulance call centre and a locally-relocated parcel delivery service. It has proved impossible to find on the net just how many NEW jobs these three organisations have provided at Skypark.

East Devon District Council: happy-clappy Facebook and Twitter accounts

Did you know that EDDC has a Facebook account and at least three Twitter accounts?

They are all somewhat incestuously happy-clappy as you might expect (though would this be construed as political rather than informative?).

If you feel a burning need to give your feedback to EDDC in general or the recycling and procurement services in particular, here are the links:

and if you know of other EDDC social media accounts that we can utilise, please let us know!