Axminster “Regeneration” Board

So, it now exists …. with senior members of the Conservative majority holding the reins …. the same members that let it get into a position where it needs a regeneration board …. headed by someone who already has two other day jobs.

And they boast of how the have regenerated Seaton and Exmouth …. anyone been to Seaton recently? Where a former mayor has just resigned because he says too much attention is being paid to “Seaton Jurassic” and the Tesco site and not enough attention is being paid to the dying former town centre or other concerns. And where Seaton Heights still sits derelict whilst its owners make fantastic claims about what might happen but show no signs of them ever coming to fruition.

And Exmouth – where “regeneration” has become a dirty word amongst most residents and where EDDC’s chosen partner appears to be floundering with other developments it is involved in – not to mention being unable to file company their accounts on time.

Good luck Axminster.

3 thoughts on “Axminster “Regeneration” Board

  1. I hope that the Axminster people are willing to fight really hard for what is right for them and what people of Axminster want. Yes the ‘Regeneration Group’ will do a housing survey, but do those new built houses end up going to local people?

    Axminster is a lovely town with great people, good local businesses. It does need a new road, the hospital properly reinstated, likewise the library. These things alone would start to help Axminster evolve in a more sustainable way.
    Some of the things that hold Axminster back are the results of bad decisions by various councils.

    Have Tesco and new “Seaton Jurassic’ regenerated the town centre of Seaton? no they have not. The future of Axminster should be for the people of Axminster to decide, not a group of Tories with their ‘pie in the sky’ projects.

    The mind boggles at the thought of some of the ideas they might dream up in the name of regeneration for Axminster.


    • Good luck Axminster if the person in charge is the same one who is Chair of Exmouth regeneration. He is a councillor for Axminster – I wish you would keep him over your way as he wishes to ruin our town!!!


  2. Presumably the Axminster Regeneration Board will be as opaque and unaccountable as the Seaton and Exmouth Regeneration Boards.

    If the other two boards are anything to go by, consultations will be the minimum legal requirement and decisions will be made by the members without any real input from the public or local residents who will have to live with the consequences, meetings will be held in private without the public being able to be there to hear or to speak on matters of concern, there will be no audio recordings or formal minutes to document what is said by whom and what is decided, and no ability for the public to hold the members of the regeneration board to account etc. etc. etc.


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