Swire: spot what is missing

“I am pleased to be joining my close friends David Cameron, George Osborne and others on the backbenches. I feel deeply honoured and privileged to have served as a Minister of State – one of only three to have done so continuously from 2010- and loved my time both in the Northern Ireland Office and more recently the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

I have travelled more than any other Minister promoting the UK abroad both politically and in terms of trade. I have championed the Commonwealth and re-established links in Latin and Central America. I have been all over Asia, Australasia and the Pacific racking up the air miles and promoting our great country.

But all this comes at a price not only to me but my family and I shall be relieved not to have to embark on yet another exhausting trip for a while.”


Er, what about now having time to work for your constituents and perhaps seeking to relocate your second home from Mid Devon to East Devon?

Oh, Owl forgot – you are on holiday but you won’t tell us where. Still, wherever it is, it won’t be an exhausting trip.

Those air miles are going to be SO useful … for all the family – though as Mr Swire employs his wife in his office who will be answering the phone and the mail?

“The changing image of seaside towns”

A 2011 publication, but many relevant points:

“… Older resorts have suffered a lack of investment and political will, with a steadily decaying and inadequate infrastructure, whilst new arrivals are vulnerable to poor quality development.We see too many examples where design quality is sacrificed in a desperate bid to secure investment, reducing the chance of long-term success. …”


Election fraud: more names, no progress …

“Police in South Yorkshire are investigating MPs Sir Kevin Barron, John Healey and Sarah Champion after they allegedly failed to declare tens of thousands of pounds in the May 2015 election expenditure.”