Coastal Community Teams

Get an initial £10,000 and ability to bid for a share of a further £3 million. None of our coastal towns are amongst the first 12 to be announced.

Teamworking amongst towns does not seem to be popular in East Devon, perhaps because they are often at loggerheads due to devisive political shenanigans at town and district council level.

The “small town” of Beer: development by Clinton Devon Estates begins

Recall our story here on 10 November 2012 that, for Draft Local Plan purposes, Beer has been declared “a small town” and that we predicted that higher levels of development would be set for the “small town”.

Here it is: Planning Application 14/2621/MOUT – Clinton Devon Estates – land at Short Furlong, Beer for development of “up to” 30 houses with “up to” 40% affordable homes. The current application seeks to get planning permission for access only.

However, it is hard to understand why “up to” 30 homes required 70 parking spaces. Oh, and the planning application says that there are protected species on the land.

Beer and Colyton now designated “small towns” for development purposes

Tucked away in the review of the draft Local Plan timetable is this:

3.6 Planning Policy officers are preparing a paper that assesses the suitability and appropriateness of differing villages (and the small towns of Colyton and Beer) to accommodate residential development.

Which, of course, means that these two villages have been identified for much more development.

It may come as no surprise to Colyton (pop over 3,000 and a small shopping centre and with DMC Chairman Helen Parr as its district councillor) but it might be a bit of a surprise for Beer (pop around 1,500 and with one general store and a post office).

Yet no mention in the same document of the “small towns” of as Newton Poppleford ((over 2,000 population) or Woodbury (around 3,500) where Clinton Devon Estates and Greendale have expansion plans.