Hold on to that anger against those who would wreck everything …

” … This week of shock will settle, eventually. Events will begin to move at a slower pace. We will realise that we have to be patient, that we need to wait till France and Germany get their elections out of the way, and hope that a new future can be negotiated – one that implements the democratic verdict delivered in the referendum, but which does not maim this country in the process.

But even as we grow calmer, we should not let our anger cool. We should hold on to our fury, against those who for the sake of their career or a pet dogma, were prepared to wreck everything. On this day [the centenary of the Battle of the Somme] when we mourn what horror the Europe before the European Union was capable of, we should say loud and clear of those that did this: we won’t forget them.”


The latest devolution “plan”

No mayor and LEP downgraded? But what is in it for East Devon? And who creates the ” blueprint” that comes before councillors are allowed a (very small) voice?

Heart of the South West devolution partners to consider Combined Authority

Exeter City Council protects its centre from out-of-town development

And the Secretary of State rules in their favour:


Meanwhile, in Sidmouth …

Exmouth “Splash” could come sooner rather than later after sea wall investigations

“Officials are concerned that the sea wall in Exmouth could collapse in a heavy storm.

East Devon District Council has completed the excavation of eight deep pits in the town as part of its beach management plan.

…Councillor Iain Chubb, East Devon District Council’s Portfolio holder for the Environment, said: “The findings that we make as a result of the excavations will be critical in determining the steps that we must take to manage the risk of coastal flooding and erosion to property and other assets along the Exmouth frontage.”

“The trial pits that we have dug in Exmouth, which is the gateway to the UNESCO designated Devon heritage coast, are part of a five-year action plan, which is intended to guide the future management of this important Jurassic Coast town.

Exmouth’s 2015 Beach Management Plan (BMP), which was produced by coastal flood and erosion risk management consultants CH2M, established the need for the trial pits.

The seaside town was flooded during storms in 2014.”


Still, Moirai Capital Investments will no doubt be able to insure potential investors and buyers against any risks.

“Hinkley Point C critics try to derail it amid Brexit vote turmoil”

“Britain’s flagship energy project, Hinkley Point C, is hanging by a thread as critics inside key backer EDF use the political turmoil from the Brexit vote to try to derail the already delayed £18bn scheme.

Jean Bernard Levy, the EDF group chief executive, and the French and British governments, have in recent days insisted they are as committed as ever to a positive final investment decision being taken as soon as possible.

But well-placed sources in Paris have told the Guardian that the already divided EDF board, which must make that decision, is in danger of fracturing further as former supporters of the project worry about Brexit.

“The situation for Levy was already very delicate,” said one source. “But it has become a lot more difficult because there is so little certainty around the British government,” they added. “No one could know today which way a vote [of the board on Hinkley] would go.”

Those arguing against the project say it is impossible to make any decisions when it is unclear who will be the future prime minister, chancellor of the exchequer and energy and climate change secretary.

Highly critical EDF unions in France, which have six representatives on the main board, are pressing waiverers among the five independent board members who have previously supported Levy to change their minds.

Growing concern has led to four British trade unions urging EDF to press ahead with Hinkley.

It was a first “litmus test” that major infrastructure projects will proceed as normal following the Brexit vote, they argued. …”


Devon and Somerset Devolution: would you buy a used car from these people?


No members of the business- and developer-heavy Local Enterprise Partnership in the video – particularly the LEP Chairman, who is Chairman of Midas house builders and the half-dozen with vested interests in nuclear power and those University chiefs who want to ensure they get all the money for skills and training! Together THEY make up the majority of the Board taking decisions, NOT councillors.

And that LOVELY bit from Diviani about other councillors getting a chance to comment AFTER this loathsome group has created its “blueprint” for devolution in its own image.

Film-maker sets up crowdfunding page to make films about ” inclusive democracy”

Clive Austin, a supporter of independent councillors, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo:


to raise funds to deliver between 100 and 200 short films, between 5 and 8 medium length films, and a full length Documentary, over the course of 1 year. The films will initially be put on his “Educating Democracy” You-Tube channel.

The films will document events, interviews, insights, and reflections that will come from the heart of a movement towards a more inclusive form of democracy, founded on the inclusion of different political perspectives: A democracy of independence.”

You can find more details here…

A Year of Independence