EDDC helps out Clinton Devon Estates with pebblebed heath problem

… “The district council has taken out an injunction to prevent the unlawful residential development of a gypsy-owned plot in Hawkerland – which would have a ‘significant’ impact on the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

… The plot in Hawkerland has been monitored by council officers for a number of years, due to its untidy state and concerns raised by neighbouring residents.

The EDDC spokesman said it has long been contentious and the recent installation of a caravan shows the intention to occupy the site – contrary to the emerging Local Plan.

The injunction prevents the owner from using the land for residential purposes and forbids the development of the land without planning permission.

Possibly caused in no small part by not having a Gypsy and Travellers policy and site in the Local Plan, as its Inspector noted.

Still, it’s nice to see EDDC helping out a landowner:


Bid to raise Knowle legal challenge letter raising funds

As of this morning, 50% of the £660 needed to begin the process of a possible legal challenge to EDDC’s appropriation of parkland to extend the private grounds of the planned Pegasus Life luxury retirement complex has been raised:


This is not only a Sidmouth issue: this same land grab could happen anywhere in East Devon where a greedy developer fancies a slice of public land owned by EDDC.

Crowd funding for access to law to save Knowle Parkland


Sidmothians – and others who wish to save our historic parkland are being asked to contribute towards a fund of £660 to draft a pre-action protocol letter setting out the legal errors in the Council’s decision.

The specialist legal practice of Richard Buxton Environmental & Public Law has been recommended by campaigning group SAVE Britain’s Heritage to do this work.

East Devon in UKs top ten for over-70s population


It’s all well and good attracting highly-paid, high-tech jobs to this area but who is going to care for these people as they age further? And where are those people going to live?

More on the NHS and Cabinet Minister Michael Gove’s ankles

Following on from our story on Michael Gove’s journalist wife writing about his visit to an NHS minor injuries unit: over last weekend


the following has just appeared on “The Sun” website:

More than 9,000 people have shared an open letter to Ms Vine (wife of Michael Gove) from consultant Tony Cartwright, who vented his anger on Facebook. The doctor – who says he’s left Britain for Abu Dhabi after becoming fed up of Tory reforms – accuses the Goves of making ‘no effort’ and resorting instead to ‘open vitriol’.

He’s the latest medic to sound off at the Tories’ plans for a 7-day NHS, which medics say is badly thought-out and ignores the many services already offered on the weekend.

Addressing Ms Vine, Mr Cartwright wrote: “I am another UK doctor who is writing a letter to government, if only to satisfy my own anger and frustration. You must all be getting quite tired of this, really.

“Ms Vine, you took your husband to a 17 bed community hospital out of hours… and you really expected the full flow of a trauma centre? This is an unrealistic expectation and will never be the case.

We could staff Shepton Mallet Community Hospital with a 24/7 radiology department for the use of ‘people like us,’ as you describe yourself and as you suggest at the end of your missive. However I suspect your husband’s friend, Jeremy, and indeed the PM himself may have something to say about that and the funding and staffing involved.

Your nearest emergency department is either in Yeovil or Bath, both a fairly tiresome 40-60 minute drive. Had you gone to either of these hospitals you would have had an X-ray at any time of the day or night and been referred immediately to orthopaedics if required, oh, and been reviewed by a Consultant, for urgent treatment if required. That would have resolved your issue later on the Sunday, however I suspect you had many more important things to do than ensure the comfort and health of your husband.

It was your and/or your husband’s choice, for whatever reason, to not take your husband to a doctor in an emergency department in a timely fashion following his injury.

You see, with repeated changes to funding and allocation of resources within the NHS, the local A&E departments that I remember as a child have been wound down and closed.

You and your husband have the freedom to be able to choose to live in a beautiful leafy part of Somerset far from the madding crowds. Surely you could have used a little of your husband’s 10% pay rise to cover the cost of a little petrol/diesel and some hospital parking to get either to Bath or Yeovil, both centres of NHS excellence?

Your decision not to is not our fault. Do not blame us for your lack of effort or forward thinking.”

Source: The Sun Website today

Council launches review of polling districts and stations

“East Devon residents are asked for their views and suggestions on polling stations ready for council to consider in December

East Devon District Council is due to launch a review into the district’s polling districts and polling places and is seeking feedback from the public.

The council will be pleased to receive views from anyone, but particularly stakeholders, such as electors, parishes, political parties and councillors. It will also be grateful for comments from people and organisations with expertise in access for people with disabilities.

Anyone who would like information about a particular parish or part of the district should contact us either by e-mail (elections@eastdevon.gov.uk) or telephone (01395 517550).

East Devon District Council’s Chief Executive, Mark Williams, said:

“Over the years, the locations where voting takes place in East Devon have remained the same, except for occasions where a building is no longer available. Following the recent election we now need to review the existing situation.

“If anyone thinks we should be looking at alternative locations to the polling stations that were used in May this year or have comments on the stations that were used, please could they let us have their views as soon as possible.”
Views and comments should be made in writing, setting out any alternative suggestions, by no later than Friday, 25 September 2015 to the Electoral Services Manager, East Devon District Council, Council Offices, Knowle, Sidmouth EX10 8HL

The Chief Executive will make proposals to the council, taking account of all the views and comments that are received. The council meeting where the recommendations will be considered will be held on Wednesday 16 December 2015 and will be open to the public.”

If you have any reservations about locations or access to polling stations do let Mr Williams know. It is a very long time since these locations were first chosen and some of them may now be inappropriate.

One assumes that locations in the ownership of or linked closely to serving councillors will not be considered appropriate.

That Messianic speech from Our Glorious Leader translated for the masses

We aim to secure an outstanding and sustainable quality of life for everyone in East Devon.

Now, let’s get it straight: we are talking about developers here – who did you think I was talking about?

Where we live, work and play has a tremendous influence on our well-being. We shall seek to conserve and enhance the environment through the social and economic well-being of the people who live and work here. We must achieve a proper balance between the environment, the economy and our communities by weighing the relative merits to ensure sustainability and resultant harmony.

Of course, I am talking only about the Blackdown Hills here – the rest of you will just have to cope with whatever developments we decide to throw at you.

We want to be safe in our communities and to that end we will work in partnership with the other authorities to achieve that. We will look after the disadvantaged of all ages, to ensure that lack of finance and opportunity is not a barrier to the quality of life we all desire. With local housing for local people our top priority, we shall enable good quality and sustainable development to produce the 250 affordable homes we need every year. Then, at last, we will enable families to live and work in close proximity to each other, emulating the cohesive neighbourhoods we remember and desire.

I’m not daft: I shall be needing the police to provide me with a bodyguard if things get any worse and they cut 25-40% of our government grant AND we build a new HQ for ourselves. And we are still talking about developers: we will ensure that they never lack finance or opportunity to ensure that they have the quality of life they all desire and we will always look after them. 250 affordable homes – well, 90% of a massive average house price is affordable to our pals, what are you grizzling about.

We want our public realm to remain attractive; whether it be the award-winning parks and gardens or the pavements and pathways we traverse daily. We are fortunate that we can all share not only the nationally designated Blackdown Hills and East Devon AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty), but also the only English, internationally recognised, natural World Heritage Site, known as the Jurassic Coast, which together comprise two-thirds of our District. As our landscape defines our style, so we shall recognise that renewable energy will have an increasingly important part to play in the way our district looks and powers itself.

Did you really have to put parks and gardens in there (those Sidmouth people will moan about that) and AONBs and the Jurassic Coast in this bit speechwriter? Oh, well, if you must, just don’t expect us to worry too much about them if they are not in the Blackdown Hills.

We want there to be equal opportunity for work and in particular to achieve high quality jobs in the emerging high tech and green industries. No longer should our young people be forced to leave through lack of housing or employment. Those who wish to depart will always have the option to return to their roots in later years. If they do, we will be there to look after them.

High-tech jobs for rich but dim kids for whom we will buy houses or buy-to-let properties in their names from our profits or cashed-in pensions.  Er, what exactly are “green industries” speechwriter?  Oh, that’s right, industrial sheds at the Growth Point painted in Racing Green!

Recognising our foremost economic activity, we welcome visitors drawn to our stunning coastline, our vibrant market towns and villages set in our beautiful countryside, which would not be so but for the custodianship of our farmers who we will support in their efforts to maintain food security and in the process, bring delicious local produce to market. In recognition of the many small rural businesses which are the backbone of our economy, we shall continue to lobby for fast broadband which will also stop our youngsters being disadvantaged solely through location.

I will always support the Farmers Market in the Blackdown Hills and will ensure that we get broadband before everyone else in the countryside, the rest of you will just have to cope as best you can.  And any farmers out there who want to put up your land for great big developments like others have before you – come and see us very soon!

We shall communicate in a positive manner with all our residents which will ensure positive leadership and positive partnerships. We want people to feel they really can influence public decision-making but realise, in the spirit of localism, individual and community initiatives reflect responsibilities rather than rights. Truly sustainable places are about happy communities, living and working together in wonderful places.

We ALWAYS communicate with our residents in a positive manner, even when it is bad, bad news and we DEFINITELY have positive partnerships with our developers. And NO WAY are the plebs going to influence us – we have the rights, they have the responsibility to do as we say! And if our developers are happy, we are happy.

We all want to be proud to live in East Devon and when that is realised, we shall be content.”

Except that WE will build dark, Satanic mills!

Fade out with the Monty Python film with the famous scene of the masses offering adulation to the Messiah and his mother saying

“He isn’t the Messiah, he is a Very Naughty Boy”.

Original taken from – notes in RED from The Owl.