Wainhomes: not only Feniton unhappy …






Wainhomes: end of the road in Feniton – maybe …

From a local correspondent:

As Cllr Susie Bond has reported in her blog —


— Wainhomes’ efforts to sneak in 31 more houses onto its estate in Feniton have been kicked into the long grass -at least for now and hopefully for ever.

Notwithstanding really compelling arguments by the developer – e.g. it was just filling in some gaps and it would help tidy up the boundary of the estate as a result.

Yeah, right etc — East Devon District Council threw out their most recent proposal on the wholly reasonable grounds that this latest unwanted addition to Feniton represented unsustainable development, and that further building would impact adversely on the landscape.

It will be remembered that in 2011 Wainhomes wanted to build 150 houses on arable land outside the village; that was reduced to 50 (for which permission was given in 2012); then they applied for another 83; that was turned down; and then they applied for another 31, which has now been turned down also.

Fight for Feniton confidently predicts that Wainhomes – memorably described as “morally bankrupt” by Cllr Bond on BBC TV when it was discovered that the developer had conveniently forgotten to install attenuation tanks, as it was required to do on its site, to prevent yet further flooding in the village – will return.

Time this developer accepted the inevitable and tried building somewhere else. Such as on brownfield sites in towns where the jobs are.

Wainhomes in Feniton. Not wanted, not needed, not trusted.

Wainhomes at it again – this time in North Devon

Another example of Wainhomes flouting planning conditions following a successful appeal, again to do with building on green field sites and ignoring pre-commencement conditions to do with drainage. This time its Westward Ho in Devon, and not Feniton.

A lacklustre response from Torridge District Council (Head of Planning, Kate Little, ex-EDDC Head of Planning)


Could you, too, be a SWIMBY?

Check this link and consider.. http://www.transitionnetwork.org/blogs/rob-hopkins/2014-10/our-month-rethinking-real-estate-why-i-m-proud-be-swimby

Wainhomes and Feniton flooding

Temporary attenuation tanks and a temporary ditch on the Wainhomes site do not appear to have alleviated surface water run off from the site at all.

See (with particularly harrowing pictures)


Recall that Wainhomes excuse for not putting in the permanent attenuation tanks on this site (before 6 the homes which are now occupied and which the planning inspector said must be put in before ANY homes were occupied) was that they are planning to put in different tanks to accommodate other planning applications they will put in at some point in the future and which may or may not get permission.

What a nightmare this small village is suffering still.

Some links that Wainhomes would probably prefer you not to click on!

A few stories gleaned from the last 12 months:





and a few entries on their Twitter account that probably were NOT posted by their PR department: